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Here we feature profiles of male and female fitness models and competitors from all over the world. We welcome any and all men and women, whether you appear in local publications, compete on the amateur level or are currently training for the Olympia.

If you are a fitness model, or you know someone who is, please send us your pics, stats, a short bio, your past, present and future modeling gigs/competitions, and anything else you would like your fans to know about you.

Karen Lisa Borders

Rosanna LoMonte

Holly Wilbur

Jaime Keoppe Marta Mathews
Shawn Bothen

Our mission is to promote the fitness and bodybuilding worlds, and all of the people that take part in it.

Men and women fitness models, male and female bodybuilders, amateur gymrats...we appreciate all of them.

So send us your latest pics, and check back with us often for new fitness model updates.

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At Fitness Events we feature male and female fitness models and competitors, along with event and product reviews and recommendations. If you know a fitness model that you believe should be featured, send us an email and we'll put them up!


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