10 Things Every Dermatologist Wants Patients to Know Before Booking their Appointment

Right from diagnosing skin cancer, filling hollows, to treating blemishes, a competent dermatologist can assist patients. He or she can pinpoint the underlying cause of the problem or aid them with that additional boost of confidence right away. Yet, as in case of other appointments, here too, there are ways of ensuring a highly productive appointment.

10 Dermatologist-suggested Tips that Patient Should Follow Before Booking a Visit

Before booking an appointment with the best Orange County dermatologist, consider these 10 dermatologist-suggested tips for best results. 

  • Reconsider the Diet- Are you planning to get same-day treatment, particularly injectables? Then there are specific supplements and medications that you must avoid for some time.
  • Prep Work- Prep work undoubtedly is the best thing one can do before visiting a dermatologist. Jot down the point of concerns for a time-efficient and smooth appointment. Above all, it will help to diagnose accurately.
  • Injectable Homework- No same injectable will address the same concern. It is vital to understand the basics before stepping into a dermatologist’s clinic for facilitating a conversation regarding what is correct for them.
  • Carry Photographs- One should carry a couple of photos while visiting the dermatologist, as understanding their skin can be tricky. Some skin conditions may be sporadic, so photos can help.
  • Realistic Expectations- The skin will take some time to get acclimated with the new treatment and medication. Thus, one should not expect overnight results. Being practical and patient is the way to go.
  • Wear Loose Clothing- Any appointment can be time taking and the same applies to dermatologist appointments too. So, it is highly advisable to wear loose and comfortable clothing during appointments. Besides, loose clothing will make it easier for the dermatologist to diagnose the patient’s skin.
  • No Makeup- While visiting a dermatologist, it is always best to avoid putting any makeup. This way, the dermatologist can have a closer look at the patient’s skin.
  • No Nail Polish- Dermatologists also examine the health of nails as some types of skin cancers form on the nail beds. So, to provide a clearer glimpse, it is best to remove the nail polish before stepping into the clinic.  
  • Honest About Concerns- Honesty and communication are vital while visiting a dermatologist mainly because sharing the complete skin story indeed will work wonders in strengthening one’s treatment plan. Most importantly, one should be open during the consultation and not be afraid. If there is any confusion regarding the treatment, it is good to ask all over again.  
  • Check Insurance- Most insurance companies cover visits to a dermatologist, yet to be on the safe side, it is good to contact them in advance to know what is included and what is not in the insurance policy.

Last but not least, avoid booking for any treatment on the day of an event as some procedures such as injectables and peels may leave the skin looking irritated and inflamed. 

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