13 Health and Nutrition Tips Backed by Science

Good health is an excellent indicator of the quality of life. Proper health and nutrition contribute to a healthier and longer life while lowering the likelihood of severe health concerns like diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Also, people with chronic illnesses have a better chance of managing their conditions when they eat healthily. Health and nutrition should therefore be a priority. Here are some health and nutrition tips that have the backing of science:

Avoid drinking your calories 

Drinking sugary drinks is one of the fastest ways to get to an unhealthy weight. Our bodies do not register liquid sugar calories as it dies calories from solid foods. It is easier to go overboard when drinking your calories than if they were in a meal. Drinking too much sugary drink could keep you at risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, or obesity. It is worth noting that soda is not the sole culprit. Fruits juices have as much sugar, despite having antioxidants. You should avoid them if you can or consume them in moderation. 

Throw some nuts into your diet

Nuts are some of the most nutritious things you could have. They may be high in fat but are beneficial to the body because of the plenty of magnesium, Vitamin E, Fibre, and other nutrients they pack. Nuts are a good choice if you are trying to shed some weight and do a good job keeping type 2 diabetes and heart disease at bay. Nuts also do a neat job of boosting metabolism. 

Keep off ultra-processed junk foods

The rise in junk food consumption has seen cases of fatness and sickness increase in a crazy proportion. The rate of obesity is higher than ever before. The thing with junk food is that it is so rewarding, leading us to eat more than our body needs. Over time, our body learns to crave unhealthy food. It becomes like an addiction. Also, they are low in micronutrients, protein, and fiber. Your best strategy for a longer, healthier life is to consume minimally processed foods. Switch out processed foods for whole foods and lean proteins. That will keep cardiovascular diseases like strokes and heart attacks at bay.

Pay attention to your gut health

The bacteria in your gut are a chief contributor to health and wellbeing. Taking care of your gut health is a significant move towards taking care of your body. Gut bacteria play a substantial role in many health-related aspects. Disruption in the gut microbiome contributes to severe chronic diseases like obesity. The best way to take care of your gut health is by eating probiotic foods. If you cannot access the foods, opt for probiotic supplements. Remember to incorporate fiber into your diet. It works as an excellent fuel for gut bacteria. 

Be sure to get your daily dose of Vitamin D

The sun is an excellent source of Vitamin D. We may not get as much sun because we stay indoors or live in areas with no sun. That puts most people in a shortage of vitamin D. Sun exposure is not the only way to get this necessary vitamin. You can always use supplements and enjoy the numerous Vitamin D benefits for health. Some benefits one can derive from Vitamin D are better bone health, a lower chance of depression, reduced likelihood of cancer, and increased strength. 

Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and fruits have endless vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and prebiotic fiber. These components have significant biological effects. Lengthen your life by consuming lots of fruits and vegetables. You will also reduce the risk of having heart disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. 

Eat enough protein

Protein is necessary for building muscle and increasing energy. Sadly, most of us have a low daily protein intake. Consuming enough proteins helps boost metabolism. You will feel full faster hence reducing the chances of overeating. It also helps minimize cravings. All these help keep you at a healthy weight. Eat enough protein from whole food sources to help you build muscles and get leaner. 

Keep off drugs!

Drugs can have adverse effects on our bodies. If you abuse drugs or smoke a lot, quitting should be your first step to better health. You should tackle the drug use issue before going to diet and exercise. Alcohol is not exempt either. Do it in moderation. Better yet, avoid it if you seem to have alcoholic proneness. 

Use olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is the healthiest fat you could ever use. It has plenty of monosaturated fats that are good for the heart. It also has numerous antioxidants that help you keep inflammation at bay. Extra virgin olive oil also contributes to better heart health. Consuming it reduces the chances that you will die from strokes or heart attacks. 

Make the most of plant extracts

Nature has always been the best source of ingredients that our bodies need for optimal health. Plant extracts are some of the best carriers of bioactive compounds like polyphenols which possess antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Plant extracts are better than synthetic compounds, which can have carcinogenic and toxicological effects. CBD oil is one beneficial plant extract with potent pain relief, cancer relief, and anti-inflammation properties. A CBD pain relief rub can come in handy for people with chronic relief without the risk of intoxication and dependence. 

Steer clear of added sugars

The biggest plague to the modern diet has to be added sugars. Increased intake spells trouble for metabolic health. It also contributes to diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other kinds of cancer. 

Lift weights

Strength takes you through your daily life. One of the best things that strengthen your body is lifting weights. It also improves body composition and encourages better metabolic health by increasing insulin sensitivity. You can lift weight at the gym for maximal effects. However, bodyweight exercises should also suffice. 

Get enough hours of sleep

Health and nutrition do not stop at the food we eat. Quality sleep is as essential to health as diet and exercise. Your appetite hormones will be all over when you do not have enough sleep. You will find yourself craving unhealthy junk food. Poor sleep also contributes to insulin resistance and affects your physical and mental capabilities. 

Final remarks

Use the tips above to maintain proper health and nutrition to boost your wellbeing. Your body and mental health will certainly get a lift. You will be more likely to live a longer life, free from chronic lifestyle diseases.

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