3 Benefits of Micro Goals that will Blow your Mind

micro goal fitnessWhen it comes to fitness, dedication and consistency are everything when it comes to seeing the results that you want. It’s easy to get distracted or overwhelmed with all of the things you want out of your fitness journey. We all want amazing results when it comes to our goals, but sometimes setting lofty goals can hinder our motivation simply because they seem like such a massive undertaking that will take a long time.

Thinking about the difference between where you are now and where you want to be in the future has the potential to be pretty daunting. If you’re unfamiliar with the term micro goal, it is recognizing and celebrating small steps so that the bigger picture is easier to handle. Think about your current goal, and break it down into smaller, easier to manage steps. Focusing on these micro-goals will prove rewarding!  Here are three reasons why you should consider integrating micro goals in your fitness lifestyle.


Easier way to balance various goals at once

It’s not uncommon to have several different goals going on at once as it relates to your fitness. However, it is common to feel crunched for time or unable to effectively prioritize where to put your energy while juggling multiple goals. That can have a negative effect on all of your goals if you aren’t careful! Setting micro goals will make it much easier to balance your goals.


Focusing on the now

The only moment you have is now! Living in the present moment makes you less likely to succumb to intimidation because you will be motivated to make the most out of your time. Really focus on the present moment, especially when you’re feeling that sense of accomplishment while making strides toward your goals.


Build healthy momentum

For example, maybe your big goal is that you want to lose weight. Gaining momentum to get to your desired point with specific action through micro goals such as getting in your daily exercise, making smarter choices and focusing on your rest and recovery will do you much better than thinking of your goal in vague terms. Recognizing the success of each day will make this journey that much more rewarding.


Our daily habits are important! When you work micro goals into your day to day life, you will be rewarded from a consistent feeling of accomplishment that makes it easy to stick to the bigger picture. For more information on achieving your fitness goals, head over to this resource for exercises with ankle straps.

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