5 Best Bicep Exercises for your Home Workout

Grow your biceps

Try these curls to build huge, ripped arms in no time

The arms and biceps, in particular, are second in importance to most bodybuilders, athletes and regular gym-goers behind abs as far as body parts go. Big arms are a symbol of strength and masculinity, and as such men are always looking for ways to make their bis and tris bigger, fuller and more defined.

Here are 5 great biceps exercises to work into your routine. Try them all out and see which one(s) work best for you.

Bicep Workout Plan

1. Standing barbell/E-Z bar curl. This has always been a tried and true biceps builder. Take a straight bar, or E-Z bar, and hold it down in front of you. Then curl it up to the top of your chest and squeeze at the top. Lower it down again and repeat. Try to do about 8-12 reps. This is great for the size.

2. Another great exercise for your biceps is the hammer curl, which is a variation of the regular dumbbell curl. You stand (or sit) with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms (holding dumbbells) by your sides. One at a time, you raise the dumbbell to your shoulder (your palms should be facing each other) and then back down to your side. This is a great peak move.

3. Another great bicep exercise is called the lying bench barbell curl. In this exercise, you lay on your stomach on a bench with your arms reaching down toward the floor. You want to keep your shoulders over the top edge of the bench so that your arms, and the barbell they are holding, are level with your shoulders. Bring the barbell up toward your chest and then down toward the ground but don’t set it down. Repeat this process.

4. Preacher curls are another wonderful bi exercise that can be done one-arm with a dumbbell or two-arm with a barbell. Sit at a preacher bench in a comfortable position with your chest up against it. Then curl the dumbbell/barbell for 8-12 reps. With this one, you really feel the squeeze. This is great for definition.

5. As a finishing move, the cable crossover curl is great for creating that peak on the top of the biceps. Stand in the middle of a cable crossover machine. Put the cable at the highest setting with D-grips attached. With your arms straight out to your sides, grab the grips and curl your arms towards your ears. Squeeze them for a second then return your arms to the start position.

The key to great biceps is to incorporate both mass and definition exercises. Barbell curls and heavyweights will build up the size, while preachers, crossovers, and lighter weights will cut you up and create definition. Just remember…variety is the key to results in the gym. Change the reps, weights, grips and of course exercises from time to time so you’ll keep growing and avoid those dreaded plateaus.

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