7 Sports that will Torch All your Calories

Following a boring exercise routine is not everyone’s piece of check. On the other hand, doing what you love doing can make us forget the ticking of time and we can stick to the fun-filled routine over time. Most of us have a favorite sport that boosts our energy levels besides increasing the feel-good hormones.

Be it a water sport or ground sport, you will burn those extra pounds of calories as the heart rate builds up. Beach baseball, football, soccer, kayaking, and even surfing helps in shedding those extra calories as you pace up your speed. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, every adult needs a minimum of 150 minutes normal to vigorous aerobic activity per week, and sports contribute best to it.

Being engrossed into our invisible world of social media, sports are the best way to connect with friends and family. Sports help you spend some quality time together and realize the importance of togetherness. Here’s a list of 7 sports that help you torch the extra calories in an hour of fun-filled time:

  1. Swimming:

Swimming is a full-body workout that assists you in achieving a well-toned body shape. Swimming helps in burning 714 calories, while water jogging will burn 476 calories in an hour.

Swimming works out on your arms, shoulders, back, chest, legs and core muscles.

Swimming is one of the easiest yet most effective exercises that doesn’t make you sweat or feel the calorie burn. The gentle water will ease your way to work hard for long durations. You can continue to take laps after laps of the length of swimming pool to burn the hidden fat. However, swimming can put extra pressure on your body when you opt for breast and butterfly strokes. You can utilize hand paddles and pull buoys to make you force your body through water.

Swimming relaxes your body muscles, lowers cholesterol level, relieves anxiety, and cure insomnia. It is a great sport for arthritis patients as swimming puts less pressure on the joints.

  1. Beach Volleyball:

If you reside near a beach, you should opt for beach volleyball with your friends and family. Have you noticed how hard it is to walk on sand? The piles of sand on the beach will make it difficult for you to balance yourself and push your muscles hard to play during volleyball. The credit of rock-hard abs of Kerry Walsh Jennings goes to beach volleyball. It takes a lot of core strength and power from to hit hard, pass the ball accurately, and run fast. Adding more sand on the ground beneath will make it a harder and more effective workout sport. If you want a flattering bikini body shape, beach volleyball is the one for you.

Beach volleyball basically targets your shoulder and core besides lower body muscles such as legs and butt. You can burn approximately 470 calories in an hour of play.

Beach volleyball will strengthen your heart, improve your moods, increase your family time, and give you an exhilarated feeling.

  1. Water Polo:

Water polo is another water sport that you must play during a backyard bash next time. Gather the friends in water to play this amazing water sport that most of you must be unfamiliar with. Use your legs during play and try different kicks in water to work your body muscles. Do try the eggbeater kick that rotates your left leg clockwise and the right one anti-clockwise. All the water treading, kicks, passes, and catches you do build your shoulders, core and back muscles.

Water polo targets your legs and butt muscles along with back and core muscles. You can burn up to 590 calories within an hour of play.

Water polo is a great sport to bring your family and friends together on a single ground. The elated feeling you experience at the end of the game is irreplaceable.

  1. Surfing:

If you already have a well-toned body, surfing is an easy sport to maintain that body shape. However, chasing the waves does put pressure on your body muscles to maintain the balance. This, in turn, will cause muscle soreness. Build your abs before jumping on the surfing board as the power required to paddle the board or ride the waves comes from the core. Enjoy the wipeouts and constant retries to ace the game.

Surfing works on your upper body muscles, that is, back and shoulders as well as lower body muscles, that is, core, butt, and legs. The higher the waves, the higher the calories you will burn. Your full body muscles contract to keep the balance on the surfing board with every wave. Surfing makes you burn 360 calories per hour.

Surfing improves balance, calms your mind, and strengthens your body muscles.

  1. Kayaking:

Kayaking is a great water sport for adults and elderly people. When you are out for camping or tourism, kayaking is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. If you pace up the speed of your inflatable kayak, it becomes a full body workout. You will feel tightening of abs, burning sensation in your arms, and straightening of back to maintain a perfect balance. The trick to pulling the paddle boat is to paddle using your core instead of arms. If the water current is strong, kayaking becomes challenging and will make you torch tons of calories.

Kayaking works on your upper as well as lower body muscles. You can burn 185 to 360 calories in an hour. So go ahead, get a kayak and hit the nearest lake.  

Kayaking provides calmness to mind and body. It can help you admire and contemplate the beauty of Nature silently.

  1. Football:

Football is a nationally acclaimed sport that requires full body coordination and team spirit. It requires a bunch of people to team up and play the game. The calories burnt in football increase as you increase the hours of play. Most of the football lovers do not realize the passing of time and can play the amazing sport every day. However, football does require a lot of strength. Moreover, you may have to face a lot of injuries, cuts, and bruise.

Football works on whole body muscles. Football helps in burning 496 calories per hour.

Football can make you learn team spirit, leadership skills, and team coordination to win the game.

  1. Rock Climbing:

Rock climbing is a great sport that provides a full body workout. If you have no hiking place around you, you can opt for rock climbing. The higher you go, the more calories you will burn. However, in rock climbing, you are not wearing a harness to protect you so it is necessary to try balancing at the gym. You must have a strong grip to stick to the wall.

Rock climbing is a full body workout that will even work out your finger and hand muscles. You can burn 645 calories in an hour.

Rock climbing can increase your focus, determination, self-confidence, and body strength.


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