Best Food to Eat Under Your Spa Roof

A happy stomach is a happy body. In order for you to truly relax, you’re going to need to eat the right foods. Some are actually more common than you think. You don’t really need a rich and hefty meal, nor exotic dishes, to induce relaxations. At times, a nice bowl of something here and a warm drink of something there, and you’re good to go. In spas, although they rarely feed you, they sometimes offer some great and easy-to-eat snacks to help you calm your nerves. They don’t give to too much as too full a stomach might not mix well with their services and amenities.

If you have your own home spa, you might also wonder what food can you eat inside it? You might grow bored just sitting there in your jacuzzi or sauna. It might help you relax more when you’re eating something, and these are the best foods to eat under your spa roof.


Practically one of the easiest snacks to chomp on inside your home spa is a nice bowl of nuts. Why do you think they’re common snacks in airplanes? They help you relax and feel at ease within any environment, whether you’re in your own spa enclosure at home or flying thousands of miles up in the air. Some of the best nuts include almonds, which are common snacks for any occasion. This variation is full of magnesium, a mineral that’s known to help people sleep better. Pistachio nuts, on the other hand, are delicious shelled snacks that reduce one’s stress and anxiety.


Growing up, you were probably forced to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to help you grow healthy. Between the two, you were most likely inclined to favor fruits, as they’re sweeter and more pleasant to young palettes. Even today, fruits are more popular than vegetables, which makes them one of the more perfect healthy snacks to eat in your spa gazebo. In fact, there are even some fruits, particularly the citrus kinds, that are commonly scented in spas because of their soothing properties. Eating them would just as easily help you relax and relieve of your tensions. You can also eat then raw, mixed, or added with cream for that sweeter taste.

Mixed Berries

It’s still debated whether berries are actually fruits or not, but they’re most certainly sweeter and more delicate than vegetables. And similarly to various fruits, berries also help one easily induce relaxation and even sleep. Blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries are known to elevate one’s mood, making them the perfect snack to eat when de-stressing yourself after a long day at work. Goji berries, on the other hand, are medically-proven to help reduce fatigue and stress. They’re also best eaten mixed together for that delicious harmony of flavors and sizes. An additional bonus is that they’re also best when achieving and maintaining a fit figure.


What’s a relaxing time without a little sweetness. this particular snack is probably your favorite int he list, and this is chocolate. Growing up, you probably weren’t allowed to eat as much chocolate as you want, and that’s good because too much of it can make you at risk of various weight problems and stomach-related diseases. But eating some every now and then can actually benefit you. Chocolates, especially dark chocolate, contains minerals such as serotonin and endorphin, one acts as a mood-stabilizer and the other one to calm your nerves in helping you fall asleep. Eating a bar or two while in your home spa can instantly give you these minerals and acquire their health benefits.


Sometimes, something soft and creamy is the way to go. And what’s a healthy snack that has both qualities? A nice cup, or bowl, of yogurt! This smooth concoction contains a lot of healthy probiotics that contribute to healthy bacteria in your stomach. And such bacteria is medically-proven to ease one’s mind and promote good mental health. Not to mention the fact that yogurt is also a delicious snack, oftentimes for dessert, wherein you can mix other snacks in. You can sprinkle in some nuts, put in some fruit, or mix with honey! They’re easy to eat in your home spa, whether you’re in the jacuzzi or sitting in a sauna.


Why do you think oatmeal is commonly eaten as breakfast food? Because it’s comfortable to eat and gives you the right amount of carbs you need. Oatmeal, similarly to yogurt, is a healthy concoction that’s easy to eat anywhere, including your spa gazebo. But instead of a yogurt’s smooth texture, you get to eat delicious oats that full of nice carbohydrates that your body needs from time to time. You can also mix in fruit, sweeten it with honey, or put in as many different flavors as you want. The possibilities with oatmeal are endless, but the health benefits? Priceless!

Tea with Honey

It’s a well-known fact that tea is a relaxing drink. It’s warm, smooth, light, and airy, and can easy anyone’s tensions and a bad stomach. But when it’s mixed with some honey, it becomes an even tastier treat. A cup of tea isn’t bad to drink in your own home spa. In fact, various professionals from the spa and medical industries might even encourage it. With such an ambiance, the calming effects of tea mixed with the sweetness of honey can help you relax even more. And if you’re backyard structure is warm enough as it is, this will also help keep your drink warm and toasty.

Don’t be afraid to go on a culinary adventure inside your own spa gazebo. There are loads of snacks, dishes, and drink you can serve to you and the guests that will help you relax and feel at ease. Remember that not eating is just as bad for your health as eating too much of the wrong foods. Choose the right ones that are easy to make and easy to eat and you’re all set for a calming afternoon inside your home spa.

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