Best Leg Press Machines Reviews 2018 – Complete Buying Guide

Working out from home or building your own mini gym in the home always leaves you with questions about few of the must-have machines. Well, the most common of all is about which one is the Best Leg Press Machine?

Being a fitness buff we did a roundup of the Top 10 Leg Press machines available and did an expert review of the Leg Press Machines available in the market. Leg Press, an alternative to the conventional squat exercise is performed when you don’t want to put pressure on your back while still aiming for those rock-solid muscles. Frankly, if you don’t have good strong muscles in your legs, your overall build would never compliment your physique.

Also, skipping leg muscle routines for the fear of squats are gone days now. Leg Press machines in 2017 are an absolute functional system which gives you an overall workout for your legs and help you build those aesthetic lean muscles.


Best Leg Press Machines of 2017 & 2018


Body-Solid Leg Press & Hack Squat

The machine which is a perfect choice for a beginner when it comes to starting exercise at his home. The body-solid leg press & hack squat machine is a great machine that not only helps in building your legs but is also great for the lower body.

The machine is solidly built making it very safe and sound to use. Body Solid is a huge name in the fitness industry making this machine all the more trustworthy. The machine has a dimension of 87”x38”x 60” and weighs 304 pounds. The machine can support a weight of around 1000 lbs making it pretty strong for every body type.

The reason that sets this machine apart from others is with certain adjustment you can make this leg press machine into a hack squat machine giving you that added advantage. For its smooth functioning, a quad track roller system has been used which makes working on this machine easier.

For safety purposes, three lockout position has been set. The Olympic weight plate that comes with the machine is of 2” diameter and helps in providing the right pressure.

The most crucial thing in a leg press machine is the foot area. Keeping that in mind large diamond gauge platforms are being used in order to provide the perfect space for the leg. To support the back, dual firm padding is used to provide maximum support to the back and neck making it safe to exercise.

The price range of this machine is between $1350-$1800. The machine offers a lifetime warranty on some part along with up to 3 years warranty on plates, hardware, bearings, etc.

The only issue with this machine is that the switch from leg press to hack squat is quite difficult. But keeping that aside this machine is a real pick when it comes to your home gym leg pressing machines.


Powerline PVLP156X Vertical Leg Press

The Powerline Vertical Leg Press machine is one of the most effective machines with a perfect price range. There are few things one should not skip or compromise upon while making a purchase for gym machines. One of them is the quality and strength of the machine.

This machine is strongly built with great support from each angle making it safe and secure for everyone’s use. The best part about this machine is its weight and size. It is 46”x48”x 60” in dimension and is of 93 pounds. This makes it very compact and one can fit it anywhere in their house.

It can support a weight of around 400lbs and is one of its kind. It is amazing for your calves, hamstring along with providing the proper care to your neck and back. To add to the safety part, there are three starting and stopping position making it very easy to use.

The machine is made of steel and nylon which are used keeping the safety of people in mind. The appreciable feature of this machine is that has vertical leg press. This helps one in isolating their lower body muscle which is very important when it comes to leg press.

As it is vertical in size it is very crucial that the foot plate is strong and non-slippery in order to avoid any injury. That is the reason for that extra wide foot plate. The ½” locking pin makes it easy for the user to adjust the machine as per their need making it great to use.

The price range of this from $250-$400. The machine has a one year warranty on its parts. One major thing missing is the extra support for the lower back area. Try it if you are looking for a leg press machine in a cheap range.


Weider Ultimate Body Works

The Weider Ultimate Body Works is the perfect machine for all those who don’t have much space in their home but still want to enjoy leg press exercise. The machine due to its compact size and great price is becoming popular among the fitness freaks.

This machines is not excellent in quality but is known for the overall shaping of your body. With a nominal weight of just 77 pounds and dimensions of 62”x19”x8” this machine is a serious space saver. Weider being such a reliable name in the fitness world, this machine is go-to for everyone. This machine is very easy to put together making it a great pick for all.

The features of this machine are endless. Starting with providing a variety of exercise for arms, legs, abs, etc. it is great in support as well. The machine contains four bands which are very strong and are well adjustable as per the need. The inclined bench with a padded support is perfect for the back and neck. The adjustable pulley allows one to increase or decrease the resistance as per the requirement and helps in the smooth movement during the exercise. The foot panel available is wide enough to provide the right support to the legs. Adjusting the panel as per the weight helps in maintaining the resistance.

The price range for this compact machine is around $130. The company offers a 90 days warranty on its parts. But the thing that lacks in this machine is that it not very suitable for experts and is rather more favorable for the beginners and lightweight users. But if you are looking for a compact easily foldable leg pressing machine, then be assured this machine won’t disappoint you.


Yukon Fitness Vertical Leg Press VLP-154

The Yukon Fitness Vertical Leg Press machine comes from the brand of Ironcompany who is a master when it comes to fitness equipment. This is the reason it is widely used both in fitness centers as well as at home. This machine is vertical in shape which means it doesn’t occupy much floor space as compared to other machines in this range.

This machine is made of steel and nylon providing immense support to its base. As far as the weight and dimensions are concerned, this machines weighs fairly 91 pounds with 42”x32”x50” in size.

The best part about this machine is that provides a great pad for the neck support which is generally missing in leg press machines. This makes it safer and suitable for everyone’s use.The machine can handle a weight of 600 lbs which is great for a leg press machine. The most crucial part of any leg press machine i.e., its footplate is very solid and sturdy reducing the chances of injury. The Olympic plates make it suitable to use with any kind for that perfect body. It being light and small makes it easy to carry it making it a fit for every type of environment.

The nylon bushings of the machine along with the steel rod makes it very smooth for the machine to function. The great back and neck support prevents the body from suffering any major injury. This machine comes at a price of $400-$450 with a lifetime warranty.

Though the only disadvantage with this machine is that one needs to be extra careful in terms of the bolts and nuts to make sure there is no injury whatsoever. So make this price effective machine a part of your gym routine and experience the difference.


XMark Leg Press Hack Squat XM-7616

The XMark Leg Press Machine is a strong and magnificent machine that offers you the perfect set up for your leg press. The machine is worth every penny because of its design and sturdiness. A unique thing about this machine is that it helps you to exercise without any spotter which makes it an easy to use machine.

The machine is made of steel with a dimension of 82”x17”x9” which is pretty convenient as far as a leg press machine is concerned. It weighs around 140 lbs and holds a capacity of 1000 lbs which is great keeping a leg press machine in mind.

The most attractive feature of this machine is that along with the leg press it also supports calf press and half squats making it a multi-purpose exercise machine. The requirement of a solid leg space gives rise to the footboards that come with a locking pin which one can use to adjust the machine as per the need. The strong padding at the neck and shoulder area protects the body making it safe to use for everyone. It supports a lot of weight making it suitable for every weight and body type.

The machine has tear-resistant duraguard vinyl which provides immense support to the body. The price range of this machine is around $1300-$1900 which makes it a bit expensive purchase in this category.

But keeping in mind its usage and durability the price is completely worth it. The issue that one may face with it is that there are chances of some cracking or loosening of the machines which one need to be careful about. Also, it is difficult at times to assemble this machine. The machine comes with a lifetime warranty and its great size makes it a solid purchase irrespective of the price.

BodyCraft F660 Leg Press

The leg muscle is one of the most important parts of one’s body. It should be made sure that there are no compromise while taking care of them. In order to help you in this, BodyCraft F660 Leg Press machine is a perfect choice. It is a strongly built machine which helps you get the perfect shape of your legs.

The machine weighs a solid 378 pounds which makes it very strong in its use. Its shape is in the size of 48”x60”x70”. BodyCraft uses the best quality of material to provide best products to its customers.

The machine can handle a weight of 1000 pounds and is made of solid steel. The backrest supporting the machine is very strong and adjustable making it very convenient to its function. The adjustable shoulder pads provide the right amount of support to the shoulder making them use a variety of weight.

The strongest part of any leg press machine should be its foot plate which is the USP of the BodyCraft leg press machine. The strong diamond leg press plate is another addition to this list. The donkey squat pad makes it appropriate for the calf raises and squats helping in the overall shape of the body.The foot plate available can be easily adjusted to hack squats.The diamond plate allows one to adjust the angle as per the need.

The price range of this machine lies in the range of $2000 making it a very expensive purchase. This is one of the criteria that may work as a disadvantage for this machine. But with high price comes high value. This strong and rock solid machine along with its compact size will make your leg workout so easy you won’t switch to any other machine.


Powerline Home Gym with Leg Press

The Powerline Home Gym is the king of all machines when it comes to the leg press section. This machine comes with a variety of feature which makes it a cost-effective purchase. The benefit that one gets out of it is more than any other machine.

This is the reason it is the perfect option for those who are committed to their workout. This machine is a giant with a huge weight of 391 pounds. It sizes is 71”x66”x83” in dimension making it a solid model. It is one of its kind with a great quality at a reasonable price.

The machine is well adjustable from a weight range of 160 to 210 depending on your level of fitness. The machine offers exercise for almost every body part making it a gym on its own. The machine is made in such a way that it provides maximum concentration on the chest area resulting in the overall development of the body.

The nylon bushings are a great option for the smooth functioning of the body. The support provided at the back and shoulder helping the development of the lower part of your body. The pulley provided in the machine can be adjusted according to the weight and height of the user and can be used in various forms giving the machine an added bonus.

The price of this kickass machine is $1300 which may feel too much but if one sees the variety of equipment and exercise that one can do with it this feels like a price effective deal. The machine comes with a 10 year warranty which is amazing for its user. If one needs just a leg press machine than the price that they are paying for this machine can be a bit too much refraining them from buying it.

Powertec Fitness Leg Press

As the name suggests, the Powertec Fitness Leg Press is a solid choice when it comes to leg press machines. With continuous modification in the features of this machine, it has become one of the most famous machines for home gyms.

This machine is something that gives you that good feel of gym at your home and helps you build the strength. The machine weighs around 259 pounds with a dimension of 83”x 56” x 40” which means it takes less amount of space in your home making it all the more perfect for you.

The machine is made of solid material and hard steel which makes it very strong in its usage.

Keeping the safety feature in mind the Powertec machine has four weight horns which are capable to take around 1000 lbs which makes it suitable for every weight type. The carriage roller system makes it very smooth for the machine to perform.

For extra safety purpose the safety levers have been redesigned. There is a very strong foot plate which provides you with extra space in your workout. The installation of a safety bench with better locks and adjustable back provides immense support to the back making it one of the most favourite when it comes to leg pressing. With the easy to use machine with not much to do in case of setup this made is really what you are looking for.

It is suitable for everyone who is crazy about leg press.Powertec is a renowned name in the fitness business and a machine from them can rarely be disappointing.

The price range of this varies between $1000-$1400 depending upon your need. Though this makes it a very expensive buy just for a leg press machine but as they say good things comes at a price.


TDS Premier Vertical Leg Press

The TDS Premier Vertical Leg Press is one the most basic and effective leg press machine that is available for one’s use. The machine is strong in use and will go with you a very long way. Due to its made up it is most suitable for people who are more related to the basic workout of the leg.

The machine is a bit gigantic as compared to others in this range but that is what makes it stronger and durable. The machine weighs 280 pounds which is very much for a leg press machine. Its dimensions are 49”x47”x75”.

Safety is very integral to any leg press machine. This machine provides the same with the help of extra padding at the back area which is unlike any other machine. The eight rollers of heavy duty are very important when it comes to the mount the ups and down of the machine making it suitable and favourable for people’s use.

Another added feature that works for this machine is the safety stopper. This prevents the body to suffer any major injury and also for a comfortable workout. The large foot panel act as a solid base to maintain the balance while working out. Along with the leg press, this machine also helps in building the hamstring, calf muscles and even quadriceps.

The major disadvantage of this machine is there is no proper security in the neck area. This makes the neck prone to injury if one is not careful. It is also very difficult to assemble the machine and it’s wide size along with its weight making it unfit for many people.

This machine ranges from around $650 and offers one year of warranty on its parts.

Body Solid Pro Club Line SLP500G2 Leg Press

A machine that is solid and durable is the first choice when it comes to leg press exercise. The Body Solid Pro Club Line is the absolutely amazing fit that checks all the right boxes. The sophisticated solid machine with its great features is making it popular among the fitness freaks.

The name of Body Solid provides all the safety and security that one can think of. The machine is of 75”x32”x72” dimension and weights a good 555 pounds making it one of the heaviest weight machine when it comes to leg press. This adds to the sturdiness of the machine.

The machine comes with a dual firm back which adds to the comfort making it easy to exercise and provides the right support. It provides immense support to the lower back reducing chance of any injury.

The machine is made of solid steel with a 2”x4” frame giving it a strong structure frame. All these features add to the strong build of the machine that helps it lasting a very long time. The biochemical movement helps the body to use the machine at various angles providing the spinal compression that is required. It helps the machine to vary the weight from 210 lbs to a great 310 lbs.

The footplate along with the seating position is well adjustable giving one the liberty to use the machine depending on the weight and height of different individual making it a suitable choice for almost everyone interested in leg press exercise.

When it comes to price this machine stand at a range of $1650 which can be a disadvantage for it at times. But keeping the strong frame along with the immense features that it offers the machine is worth the price. Try it and see for yourself.


What does the Leg Press do?

If you are unsure about what is the primary function and how-to for the leg press, don’t worry. The leg press is a weight training exercise routine where you push the weights away from your body with the help of your legs (specifically by your things and calves strength).

The leg press is a perfect exercise to strengthen your lower body including the knees and the joints. Although you also need to be careful while doing leg presses as if not done correctly, you may end u hurting your knees or ankles.

The two primary leg press exercises are the seated leg presses and the vertical/diagonal leg presses.

In the Seated Leg Press, you sit upright and push forward the weight with your legs. A cable is responsible to pull the weights as effectively as you push the machine.

In the Vertical/Diagonal Leg Press, the machine is either on a vertical or a diagonal angle based on its built. You place yourself in the machine and then push the weights away from your body to the top.

Why Leg Press? What are the advantages of a Leg Press machine?


How to Do leg press workout ?

Apart from the numerous advantages of the leg press exercise, below mentioned are the few key benefits:

Strengthen your leg muscles

As the name goes, the leg press exercise focuses on your legs and hence you get the good looking and muscular legs. Also, as leg press primarily focuses on your legs, hence it does not put unnecessary pressure on your back. Leg press helps you put muscles to the leg faster than any other form of leg routines.

Burn those calories

The resistance and the movement that you require to perform leg press exercise help you burn those calories. As far as any exercise is concerned, leg press also burns calories effectively while giving you better leg strength. Also, because leg presses activate you lower body participation in the exercise, you burn calories more effectively.

Ideal warm up

Include leg press exercise in your warm-up routine before doing squats or deadlifts and you’ll instantly see the difference. As leg press engages lower body and leg muscles, you get more strength and ideal push for the squats and deadlifts. Additionally, leg press routine helps you work those quads, hamstrings, and glutes fairly effectively.


Why buy a Leg Press machine for home?

In the past, the Leg Press machines are what you exclusively saw in the gym, given their large built and hefty price tag. But now these machines also come in compact size and affordable price tags. If you are looking for a home workout, which you definitely should, you can read on for our suggested list of the best leg press machines in 2017.

Affordable cost

Starting from the price tag of USD 200, buying the best leg press machine will leave you with ample amount of choices. We definitely will help you make that decision, but interestingly in the current modern time, buying a good leg press machines does not need you to shell out large money. Importantly, buying a leg press machine for your home gym makes it more complete and is a smart investment.

Perfect Fit and Functionality

With the type of leg press machines available in the market, your gym might only have one. Also, it is not necessary that the one your gym has is ideal for you or you can take the maximum benefit of the leg press routine from that. Whereas if you buy the leg press machine yourself, you can pick the one that fits you the best. The modern leg press machines come with a lot of adjustable features that you can use as per your convenience and exercise goals.

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