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Common Workout Injuries: Its Treatment And Preventive Measures

Whether you have been working out for years or just started your training, injuries are pretty normal. It is indeed an uncertain event that might be caused due to numerous reasons such as not warming up, wrong technique, or negligence. For instance, you might get muscle pull while lifting weights or a foot sprain while […]

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How Yoga Can Improve Your Health and Lifestyle

Yoga is a type of exercise that most people don’t understand. It looks like a simple form of stretch that is only for elderlies. However, it’s one of the best routines anyone can follow. Whether you are old or young, there is a lot you can gain from yoga.  It’s also not very difficult to […]

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How to Build Calf Muscles

Building calf muscles is important to many people for either athletic aspirations or body image. If calf muscles are underdeveloped, they can make legs look unduly thin and small. Weak calf muscles also limit athletic prowess. Calf muscles are necessary for jumping, running, dancing, and more. Without sufficiently strong calf muscles, athletes will find that […]

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5 Bodybuilding Nutrition Secrets Every Athlete Absolutely Needs to Know

Meat body building Diet

  As a dedicated bodybuilder, you probably receive a detailed diet plan from your fitness trainer and dietician. And, this plan likely comprises of complete bodybuilding nutrition including micronutrients and macronutrients. If you have been looking to boost your workouts with artificial supplements, know that it is preferable to get the optimum fuel you need […]

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10 things to look for in your first fixed gear bike

Fixed Gear Bike

Buying your first fixed gear bike can be an exciting time but you need to consider a few elements before you commit to spending any money. It’s important to make sure you really know and understand the ramifications of riding a fixed gear bike so you don’t suffer an unfortunate collision on day one.   […]

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5 Amazing Ways to Build a Cheap Home Gym

build cheap home gym

While building a home gym is an incredibly effective way to stay consistent with your workouts, the cost of doing so can sometimes make the process difficult. There’s no denying that home gyms allow you to work out as and when you want from the comfort of your own home, but how much is it […]

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7 Sports that will Torch All your Calories

Following a boring exercise routine is not everyone’s piece of check. On the other hand, doing what you love doing can make us forget the ticking of time and we can stick to the fun-filled routine over time. Most of us have a favorite sport that boosts our energy levels besides increasing the feel-good hormones. […]

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6 Quick Fixes For Your Post-Workout Sore Muscles

tips to get rid of sore muscles

You take a new fitness class, and it completely demolishes your muscles, sounds familiar? You can barely lift your legs or arms and cannot do any chore. Your quads and calves feel like some rocks have been lodged inside your legs. Sore muscles are experienced by everyone whether it is an adult or a child, […]

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Some Important Tips on How to Balance Exercise and Sleep You Should Know!

Sleep and Excercise

It’s pretty much seen as the norm for people to have exercise and diet in their heads when they think about getting fit and healthy. Exercise allows you to burn those calories, and fuelling the body with all the right things will help with the development and sustaining of a fit and healthy body. So, […]

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Detailed Comparison Between Recumbent Bike & Upright Bike

Recumbent vs upright Bike

Recumbent Vs Upright Bike What Is a Recumbent Bike? A recumbent exercise bike is a specially designed exercise bike that allows you to sit closer to the ground in a cycle seat that is more comfortable than any other standard exercise bike. Not only the size of the seat is larger, but this recumbent bike […]

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What is Spinning? & Things to know before a Spin Class – Detailed Guide

A Spinning class intructor

What Is A Spin Class? If you are searching for best way to lose weight, then at some or other point, you might have heard of people doing spin Class and would have wondered what is spinning workout. Spinning classes mean classes put on or licensed by Mad Dogg Athletics, which is the company that […]

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Bowflex Ultimate Home Gym Reviews

How Does The Ultimate 2 Stack Up To Its Popular Predecessor? The Bowflex Ultimate is one of the best-selling models of this popular home gym, and the new version, called the Ultimate 2, improves upon the original. By now we’ve all seen the commercials for Bowflex, featuring incredibly sculpted men and women doing various exercises […]

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