Crohn’s disease and Medical Marijuana – Can CBD treat the disease?

The medical community is experimenting with CBD to treat several diseases. Though there are ample anecdotal accounts of CBD healing chronic ailments, the medical world still demands more substantial evidence. However, today, the doctors are opting in for medical marijuana for treating specific health conditions. There are a few studies with useful evidence that medical marijuana can treat Crohn’s disease symptoms.

What is Crohn’s disease? 

It is an inflammatory bowel disease and results in inflammation in specific sections of a person’s digestive disease. Doctors still haven’t arrived at the disease causes. They vaguely conclude that it occurs from some issues present in our immune system. Crohn’s disease symptoms vary from one person to the other and also in its severity. However, the symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhoea
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of appetite or nausea
  • Abdominal cramps and pain

Simply put, it’s a relapsing-remitting condition. It means that the person undergoes both remissions where they have almost no or fewer symptoms. And then there are those “flare-up” moments which bring up extreme symptoms. As of now, there isn’t any fixed cure for this disease. The only way out is to try and ease the symptoms as much as possible.

What is the role of medical marijuana?

So, can medical cannabis help for Crohn’s disease? Over the years, there has been much research and studies about that. Medical marijuana can help to bring down the inflammation, which results in the disease. Back in 2018, studies and research papers suggested that the medical field needs more clinical trials to establish this fact. It takes inputs from three studies. They are:

  • The first study included approximately 21 people who have Crohn’s disease and who inhaled marijuana cigarettes for close to eight weeks. These people showed chances of attaining clinical-remission more instead of others. However, it also brought is side effects like nausea, sleepiness, and mild confusion.
  • There’s been a second study where CBD oil and placebo oil got used on 22 people who have Crohn’s disease. This study didn’t show much remission rates. 
  • And in the third study, the patients suffering from the disease took either placebo or CBD oil for about eight weeks. The study showed that CBD oil had better recovery reports instead of a placebo.

Treating the symptoms

Medical marijuana works on the patient’s body by easing some problematic symptoms. That provides more significant relief. According to the latest research, medical marijuana can minimize abdominal pain. It can also help by:

  • Increasing the patient’s appetite
  • Managing the frequency of nausea
  • Reducing the diarrhea

Today, more clinical trials will help doctors suggest medical marijuana as the idea cure for Crohn’s disease. However, it is essential to get careful about the dose; else, there are mild but unwanted side effects. To get this correct, a patient can get in touch with a cannabis clinic and get a customized treatment plan. The doctors and medical professionals here can customize the therapy and provide the best help. They can also provide authentic CBD oil sellers to ensure that a patient is using a high-quality product. 

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