How Much Time Does it Take to Build 6 Pack Abs?

‘The last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides a champion from someone who is not a champion.’

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Picturesque chiseled abs work no less than as a holy grail of most fitness freaks. They narrate how easy it is to get six-pack abs, but the one who never went to a gym knows the struggle. It takes hardly 10 seconds to count those six-pack abs, but it takes years of dedication to achieve the finest results. 

Besides athletes and fitness enthusiasts, most people have abdominal muscle veiled with an oversized layer of fat. It is the most acceptable form of subcutaneous fat, which demands some additional efforts to wave off. And when the circumstances are worse, you may have to deal with the abdominal cavity, also referred to as visceral fat. It takes hard effort to go away. All in all, the more fat you have, the longer it will take to lose those extra lbs and excessive fat. 

All of these facts and details reveal the need to understand your body and fat type. This can be considered as your first step towards a better body. Here, you should join hands with a professional helping you seek thorough information about your health and how it should be promoted to the best. 

What is a six-pack?

There is a major muscle in the abdominal area that stands responsible for the desirable washboard appearance. This muscle is known as the rectus abdominis muscle. Talking about its appearance, it’s a flat band of fibrous tissues which extends vertically. It starts from the pubic bone and ends up under the ribs. Generally, it lies over the internal organs and assists in holding the organs in their appropriate position. 

It is a divided muscle that keeps a good balance between right and left-sided muscles. Here, each half of the muscles are segregated into three different groups and connected through connective tissues. When counted together, these connective tissues are referred to as ‘six-packs.’

Regardless of how finely your rectus abdominal muscles are, the six-packs will never be visible if you have a layer of fat on the top. In this context, Harvard Health says more than 90% of building body fat is subcutaneous. This means the excessive fat in our body lies under the skin. Later on, this squishy stuff turns into a heavy belly loaded with body fat. 

Many studies have proven that the leftover 10% of fat type is of visceral variety, which is hard to shed. Why? Because it lies beneath the lower abdominal wall or in-between the space developed within the liver and intestines. If the amount of visceral fat increases in the body, you may start to feel a sudden inflammation-causing uneasiness. This is because it disbalances hormonal functioning. If one fails to lose visceral fat, it can end up in dementia, heart disease, and cancerous cells in the body. 

How to get six-pack abs?

There is a predefined pattern of exercises and health regimes to be followed for desirable results. From doing crunches to toning the abdominal muscles, you need to work on a lot of aspects. The major goal is to shed both types of fats (visceral and subcutaneous) parallelly. In this context, the American Council on Exercise says that one needs to work on their lower body the most. This study reveals that a woman requires to lose at least 14 to 20% of fat, whereas men would require to shed 6 to 13% of any fat build-up. 

As per the fitness scale of ACE (the American Council of Exercise), if one reaches this stage, s/he is acknowledged to be in the athletes’ category. This is when you have the lowest amount of fat build-up in your body, which results in accelerated energy levels and a well-toned body. 

What to do to get picturesque abs?

The desire to have picture-perfect abs is common. What’s uncommon is the determined hassle to get it. Undergoing Personal Training along with keeping a check on your diet can lead you to faster results. Here’s what all you can do to get abs quickly. 

Reduce the calories intake – This seems to be a big challenge for most people who get into this league. Here, the biggest hassle is to understand how and when you consume calories. No matter how much you eat in your diet, cut down 500 calories per day to fasten up the positive result-orientation. When blending a hardcore exercise regime with it, you will see a remarkable change in your body. 

Increase your protein intake – Protein is a boon to your body if you want to maintain the proper muscle mass balance. There are times when the zeal of losing those extra calories and weight makes people lose the lean muscles as well. This ends up in reduced energy and poor body structure. That’s where you need to consume a sufficient amount of protein in your daily diet. Some of the most common protein-rich foods and quality sources are – turkey, beef, dairy products, greek yogurt, chicken, pulses, and much more. 

Go for resistance training the most – You should have a professional trainer by your side to guide you through the right path. A minor negligence in the selection of exercises and diet can lead to drastic changes in your body. Therefore, it is advisable to join hands with a professional giving you sound information about it. 

Plus, the professional will help you continue your resistance training in the right way required. This training type is to lift weight, work on the overweight body parts, and lose weight aggressively. You can begin with a hardcore cardio session of at least 30 minutes, raising it to a strength-building program of around 30 minutes. With time, you can maximize the number of hours or minutes. 

Takeaway – 

A good physique demands consistent efforts. You can’t think and get six-pack abs the next day. There is a lot of hassle, and a good health regime is required. Generally speaking, you need at least three months to 2 years to get desirable results on your body. So, start your workout right away! 

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