Is Walking Fast As Good a Workout as Running?

Running vs walking fast - fitness

Many people wonder which is better when it comes to running vs walking fast. It is often assumed that running is better than walking. After all, you are going faster, sweating more, and really working those muscles, right? Surely that will burn more calories.

However, there is less of a difference between running and walking than you might think. When it comes to burning calories there is actually no difference between walking fast and running. There has been much research done to show that when comparing metabolic equivalents (MET) based on calories per kilogram per hour, running and walking fast come out as equals.

Of course, if you run faster you will burn more calories overall than if you walked for the same amount of time, but if you walk for a longer amount of time, then you can burn the same total number of calories during your workout. And of course, it’s easier to walk fast for a long period of time for most people.

So what else does a comparison of running vs walking fast reveal? Well, running is harder on the joints of the body, particularly in the back, hips, legs, and ankles. This may be a consideration for some people, especially if they are elderly or have had a joint injury in the past.

Walking fast is simply easier on the body while providing all the benefits of running. In addition to this, walking can be more social than running because it may be easier to talk with walking partners while on the move. People who have to hold phone meetings may even be able to work while walking, although that might be counterproductive for those who are trying to release stress through exercise.

Some may also argue that when it comes to running vs walking fast that running is better for overall cardiovascular health. However, if a person is overweight or out of shape, then walking fast can be extremely effective to increase cardiovascular health.

So when it comes down to a decision between running and walking fast, it seems that it is really a highly personal one. If you need a lower impact form of exercise, then walking is the better choice. If you are looking for that high that you can only get from running a good distance at a good pace, then running is the choice for you.

Overall running vs walking fast will bring the same results so you need to decide what you like best. You can also consider interval training, which will have you walking and running in the same workout. This has been proven as a very effective method of exercise and might be able to solve the issue of choice for you.

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