Learn How To Kick Ass And Keep Yourself Fit At The Same Time With Martial Arts

Different surveys and studies around the globe conduct that 50% or more people overall are overweight while many are underweight. The idea of doing martial arts for keeping yourself fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle is not easy to digest for many, even in this era. Because the perception in people’s minds is wrong. The usual routine is going to the gym and lifting weights, while it is very good but with the time you get bored and demotivated. Which often causes in giving up! Did you know that getting in shape, getting and being fit, and losing weight can be fun and learning, with martial arts? It opens a new world to you and comes with lots of benefits like confidence, self-defence, stronger bones, muscles, and core, etc. Martial arts are a great way to enjoy while burning fat, losing weight and learn ass-kicking self-defence.


This is a full-body workout that can help you lose weight for good. The punches, kicks, strikes and throwing the opponent, or being thrown away will keep the boredom away from you. Karate strengthens your core and muscles making you fit and strong.

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MMA is also known as Mixed Martial Arts, is obvious by its name! Mixing different techniques from various martial arts this is one of the best martial art forms for self-defense. Yes, you will learn how to kick ass in MMA training. Going for MMA training, don’t forget to get the MMA gear. If you want to lose weight, maintain your current weight, or get the body in shape this is great martial art for that. Doing one hour of weight exercise and one hour of MMA training, MMA will always be better at burning calories and many other things.

​Kung Fu

Most people don’t know Kung Fu and karate are different. Learning and mastering Kung Fu will take years however, it still is one of the best martial art forms to keep or get the body in the best shape. Expanding your horizon and exploring yourself are the most valuable advantages. 

Jeet Kune Do

The style and form of martial arts that Bruce Lee did were not martial arts, in fact, it was Jeet Kune Do. This is a fast movement martial art form that is said to be developed to defend yourself or in simple terms, kick ass. Wing Chun, karate, boxing, Judo, and some other martial arts are known, parents.

Krav Maga

This became famous because of the Israeli defense forces practice and have developed their own sort of style. Krav Maga focuses on disarming opponents quick and clean. This is on top of the self-defense martial art styles. The thing like it mixes different martial art styles and techniques together to form a perfect self-defense system is the same. Knowing and perfectly striking the vulnerable parts is one of the things you’ll learn from it, which is crucial by the way.

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BJJ or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a modified form of Jiu-Jitsu, however, it one of the most popular and most practiced ones. This was developed in brazil as a ground-based self-defense technique that focuses on locks and throws. Applying the strength right and in the proper way, overcoming a bigger opponent and taking advantage of the situations and many more things to learn from martial arts. Just imagine yourself holding that bully, who is way larger than you, down on the ground. Oh, it gave me chills. Don’t take is any lesser than other martial arts, this is a cruel one. Where it is so effective in burning calories, it can be a source of serious damage if you are not wearing BJJ gear and protection. 

It’s more than a workout 

There are many other ways to lose weight and learn self-defense then why martial arts? The reason why we suggest taking this route rather than any other is the physical and mental benefits that you reap from practicing it. For instance, martial arts help recovering from bad thoughts, and depression. One of the reasons is that fellow martial artists and the trainer becomes like family and help each other out in difficult situations. Character and spiritual development and finding oneself are great things one gets from martial arts training. The physical training in martial arts is tough, so it helps the brain release happy chemicals which boost mood, get us happy and satisfied and wick off stress.

You can do it

Many people are conscious or overwhelmed by the thought of joining martial arts. Some think they are not made for it while some are afraid, they’ll get injured. Injury and recovery are a part of martial arts but you do have to worry because other than some bruises its fine, especially if you are doing it for weight loss. One simple way to avoid injuries is to do it properly, correctly and wear martial arts gear. Be one of the doers, stop procrastinating and being a scared pussy and join martial arts. Hey, there is not an age or gender limit to practice martial arts.

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You don’t have to be already fit

What is the point of going for martial arts for weight loss, if you have to be already fit for it? So, no you don’t have to be fit and in shape to join any martial arts. This is one of the dumb questions the mind makes up to let you off with lame excuses, but not this time.

This is how you’ll lose weight

Cardiovascular workouts play a major role in weight loss and fat burning. Martial art is a perfect source of the cardio workout but as an added benefit you are learning and gaining a lot more. Heavy intense cardio workouts in martial arts and rigorous training are what will take that layer of fat off you. Hours of punching or kicking pads, sparring, throwing, perfecting those locks and moves and much more are waiting for that belly fat. All you have to do is select a martial art and join. Share your goals with the trainer so you don’t have your feet in two boats. Bored just thinking about lifting weights in the gym while music plays too loud that you cannot hear the trainer? Don’t worry and just bring some change in your routine by going for martial arts this time.

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Takeaway points

Martial arts are really effective when practiced correctly. Take the help of professionals to do it correctly and get to what you need. The list of martial art training benefits goes beyond the scope of this topic. Long story short, it will help you lose weight, get in shape, be active, better, quick, ass-kicking cool and better at self-defense. That’s it, go on now, train! 

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