Medical marijuana – Is it safe for you to consume?

Life is precious! No one wants to attract a chronic illness. And just in case someone has a chronic ailment, they want to get healed back to normalcy at the earliest. Medical research and treatments get aimed at making people recover faster and better. Still, there are times when advanced medical solutions fail or are yet to come up with the best cure. Since holistic and alternative treatments have shown positive results, people are keen to opt-in for it when in need. And that has made people count on medical marijuana as well. The question is whether it is safe to use CBD?

Few essential facts

A couple of years back, the National Academy of Medicine, organized a panel comprising sixteen prominent medical experts, for analyzing the data available on CBD. An elaborate report got prepared that got published back in January 2017. It has no surprising elements. Instead, crucial facts that were previously unnoticed.

The report mentioned that smoking weed was said to bring down nausea resulting from chemotherapy. The expert panel found out that this claim still lacks a proper clinical trial. There have been findings that medical marijuana can ease pain symptoms in the body, but there are very few facts establishing this fact medically. Also, there should more research on CBD dosage, side effects, administration routes, commercial availability, and the like. People must know about the health Canada marijuana medical access regulations. The medical field needs more proof to claim that medical marijuana is useful to treat epilepsy, glaucoma, dementia, irritable bowel syndrome, and many more. It would add to the existing anecdotal accounts. 

The need of the hour

The truth is, the medical field requires proper studies about medical marijuana and its therapeutic benefits. It should also get supported by clinical trials. According to the panel, doctors, and medical researchers should also study the impact of CBD on teenagers, pregnant women, children, senior citizens as well as breastfeeding mothers. It should also consider avid CBD users, as well. Only then can one detect the impacts of CBD on the body and mind and make necessary comparisons.  

The panel also suggested that there should be medical trials for researching on the pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic elements of CBD. The study should consider various concentrations and delivery modes in multiple populations. 

Finding out about the “dose-response relationship” for CBD or any new compound is essential. The majority of pharmaceutical companies try to find this out as they start a clinical trial on humans. It helps to prepare for brand new drug applications for the FDA. A tiny percentage of a powerful drug indicates its failure. When it gets used in excess, it denotes adverse side effects. It is essential to understand the portion of active component in a tablet and metabolic path it follows once consumed. It is necessary to follow the same process when researching medical marijuana. It will help the doctors who study cannabis, to decide on the adequate dosage for their patients.

It is not a smart move to get biased about the known benefits of medical marijuana. It is necessary to delve deep and discover other crucial facts about CBD. The findings will guide doctors to help patients undertake the correct approach towards cannabis-based treatments.

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