NordicTrack GX 3.5 Sport Indoor Bike Review


NordicTrack GX 3.5 Sport - spin bikeTo have the ideal roadside cycling experience and achieve more significant workouts, the NordicTrack GX 3.5 sports bike is the best indoor cycle trainer available and a reliable one. It shows the more excellent features like the massive 40-pound flywheel, adjustable robust grip handlebars, toe-cage pedals and a resistant chain drive. The total assembles and makes the product gives you the smooth running of the product without producing any noise and hence causing no disturbance. It works very quietly. The presence of chain drive system made the sports Cycle to have more lasting life and less maintenance. The Nordic GX 3.5 model can be easily transported due to the presence of wheels which are meant for shifting. These wheels can be removed if not required. These wheels allow the user to perform their workouts anywhere in their residence by the simple moving of the cycle using detachable wheels.

Like many other indoor cycles and spin bike models, this GX 3.5 is also characterized by no entertainment and inbuilt workout console. Despite its lack of predefined workouts, it gained its own and specific demand in the market among users. It’s realistic nature in having quiet, attractive adjusting features and customizable options made the users to feel more comfortable and to opt for this model. It has 40-pound capacity flywheel where it is almost nearer to the ones seen in Gyms which usually have the 48-pound capacity.



NordicTrack GX 3.5 Sport upright bike The size of the Nordic GX 3.5 model includes 39” of Height, 18.5” of Width and 49” of Length. The maximum capacity of the product to weigh is around 120 kg (250 lbs).


The adjustable knob to change the intensity is of manual and resistant. It can be made use while doing workouts.
The braking system is a novel design which can be applied quickly and can be swiftly restarted whenever required depending on your workouts.
The LCD assists you to know the time, speed, distance and the calories consumed. Based on the tracking of this, you can change your workout intensity levels.


It offers you a lifetime warranty on frame and 90 days warranty for accessories and service charge. A 30-day money back assurance is also provided by NordicTrack. The need for maintenance will be very less and almost not at all required.
Assembly and Transport: the shipping charges are free of cost for GX 3.5 sport on the Nordic Track website. Moreover, it is simple and easy to assemble all the parts of the product following the manual has given.

Steadfast features of NordicTrack GX 3.5 Sports Indoor Cycle:

  • Ideal and Adaptable Model: the NordicTrack GX 3.5 Sports bike shows excellent adjusting features and a stable version of sports bikes. Its saddle can be adjusted in both ways like vertically and horizontally. The handlebars are designed in such a way that they accommodate space for the users who are of more height and beyond 6”. The intensity of your workouts can be changed and be set to any levels as per your wish and desire. The brake system is designed in such a way which can stop quickly and restart immediately. It gives you the feel as if you are riding on the road. The Considering the seat, it doesn’t allow you to adjust, and hence if facing any discomfort, you can change the seat as per your requirement. Many sea cushions are available for this model where you can feel more comfortable.norditrackindoor cycle features


  • Robust Flywheel: The Nordic track GX 3.5 model’s noteworthy feature is its massive and string flywheel made of chrome. It has the rugged capacity of weight having 40 pounds to hold. You will have the natural cycle riding experience while doing workouts. Even in case of some uneven surfaces also, this model fits the best due to the tight flywheels. It also has a chain drive system, unlike many other spin bikes which are featured with the belt in general. The presence of chain drive gives you the more natural feeling of cycling outdoors. It is the primary hologram of this sports bike. The plus point of this model is it requires very less maintenance but gives more lasting life. It is also featured with the quietness avoiding the noise while performing workouts. Hence you can work at any time.


  • Further concerns: the other considerations that can be made regarding GX 3.5 is Entertainment and console. Like many other spin bikes, this model also, however, lacks the entertainment facility. It has no in-built and pre-defined workout program already set in it. Standardization of the workouts has to be made by the user. Any coach compatibility like for handling mobiles is also not seen in this model. For the users who want to get engaged entirely with workouts and want to be busy, then this model is the perfect one for such users. Any range of intense and challenging exercises can be achieved.


NordicTrack-GX-3-5-Sport-Indoor-CycleThe last word to say about the NordicTrack GX 3.5 Sports Indoor Bike is that it is a very supreme model available at affordable rate. It has many adjusting features and customized options, which cannot be seen in any other spin bike models. It allows you to do your cycling quietly and efficiently. Even the taller persons of greater than six feet height can also feel comfortable as the space management is done aptly at handlebars. For pleasure workouts and fruitful results, the NordicTrack GX 3.5 is the ideal indoor spin bike. It is rigid with the steel frame which provides you comfort, stylish design, and precise functionality. It made many users go for this model.