Simple and Effective Tips to Amp Up Your Fitness

Simple and Effective Tips to Amp Up Your Fitness

Those days when workout felt good and you were motivated soon get over after starting the workout routine. After that the workouts and going to the gym just become a routine. This often causes motivational loss. But today things are going to change. Here are some amazing tips for you to amp up your fitness and workout routine. Get your workout clothes ready because after reading this you should go to and try these out. Get men’s and women’s workout tracksuits, shorts, leggings and more from Born Tough.

Bring quality and reduce the quantity

You would think more is always good. but it is not true in this case. Rather a quality workout that is not that long is better and gives the results you want. I often see people spending hours in the gym daily but that workout does not have quality. If you are also just lifting the weights doing up and down then stop this is not the right way. Doing 12, 15, even 20 reps when you can do more. Or lifting lighter weights when you can defiantly lift heavier is robbing your muscles of the growth. 

First off, where is your trainer? If you don’t have one then why don’t you ask someone to make your workouts right? here is how you should be doing the workouts. When you have performed half the reps ask yourself can I complete the sets easily? Then note if the last two or three sets if they are so impossible that you have to give all of what you got to complete then it is fine. Otherwise, increase the weights. This will push the muscles to their limit and work the body out. 

Reduce the time from 60 to 30 minutes

Reducing the time is what we meant by saying reducing the quantity. Usually, people allot 60 minutes or even more for a workout session. Workouts don’t have to be that long. Then why it is taking you an hour or more to complete your workouts? Long aimless breaks, talking, and doing workouts too slow are the few most common reasons. 

If you want to complete your workout in less time then you have to work for it. the dumbbells won’t come crawling to you. You have to move quickly and plan well. Elongating a workout session could be reducing your efficiency and performance. 

Superset Strength and Cardio

While superset strength and cardio are two different things but you can add them and make it one routine. Yes, it can be done! for instance, you can start with a cardio workout and move on to strength training. Or do cardio between the strength training intervals. 

Perform your fitness routine within a circuit while focusing on more than 2 muscle groups.

Many still follow the basic old routine of performing different isolated exercises for a muscle group with a 1-minute interval in between. but they forget they are missing an important element i.e. muscular and aerobic endurance. Muscular and aerobic endurance is very important for ideal fitness and health. So, what can you do now?

Start targeting more than one muscle group. This will raise your heart rate which will improve the aerobic strength thus improving endurance. This also allows the muscles to have an active recovery period as you are working on the next and so on. With aerobic activity involved one might not be able to perform at their max strength. However, it is effective at building strength. 

Our goal was to improve your workout routine and give you something different so your motivation is high and mind is engaged. If you don’t want to improve your endurance and want to focus on just muscles you can do so by all means. 

Try Free Weights Instead of Machines

Yes, machines can do the same work as free weights can but working with free weights is different. First, you would have to maintain body control and weights. on the other hand, machines were doing this for you. With free weights, your core is engaged which increases the intensity of the workout. so, you might not be able to lift the same weights you used to on machines. Keeping your core engaged strengthens the body and muscles. 

Work the Clock

Workout efficiency suffers from time wastage. The gym is not the place to chit-chat and socialize, not at until your and other’s workout is done. Other things that waste the time like attending or conducting a conference call, trips to the fountain, taking long breaks, texting, doing a photoshoot are all bad habits that affect you. Try avoiding these habits and complete your workout as soon as possible. It is in your and other’s best interests. Reduce your rest in between workouts and sets. 

Add Resistance

Resistance training will improve and increase workout intensity. This not only brings a challenge that engages you in working out but also you can burn more calories. A study showed that people who lifted a heavier than they do for eight reps did burn double calories. Not just that but calories burned were more than when they lifted lighter and did 15 reps.

Increase your weights in small portions like 2, 3, or 5 Lbs. when the exercise starts to seem easy. Just note if last reps of each set are impossible or challenging, if not then increase weights if yes then keep on lifting until 10 reps of this exercise become easy.

Keep track

Keep track of your calories burned, repetitions, from where you began and where you are right now. For instance, if you don’t keep track how will you notice if you have lost enough weight or not? Or if you did lose any weight? Mobile applications and smartwatches are easy ways to do this, but you can also keep notes, or just do it however you like.

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