Sunny SF-B1110S Indoor Cycling Bike Review and Buying Guide


Sunny-Health-Fitness-SF-B1110-Indoor-Cycling-Bike-Review-2Sunny SF-B1110S Indoor Cycling Bike is a great indoor cycle attributed to a tough and durable steel body and manual brake pad system with very low and reasonable cost. It is well known as the SF-B1110S premiere and is featured with a chain drive and a resistance knob that can be adjusted as per the user comfort. You can choose your level of toughness applying limited pressure on the flywheel usually which depends on the levels of your workouts. The knob can also be utilized as a sudden brake. The usage of this amazing indoor cycle is nothing but the assurance of your calorie consumption in a healthy way.

The weight of this indoor cycle’s flywheel would be in 20kg (44 lb) that can be landed posing towards the higher end so that the indoor cycle range will give the feel of road experience and gives you ideal cycling experience. Each part of the cycle like the sturdy frame, heavy flywheel with its overall make has the capability to hold the heavyweight of users and allows users to perform their workouts more stable and intensively. The usual noise of the cycling bikes of other products has been overcome and hence no noise can be observed by you. The Sunny SF- B1110S model is also supplied with handy wheels that can be removed. These wheels make the equipment to shift easily and without any damage. You can move the cycling bike very easily to any room in your house wherever you want to perform your workouts like either before your home theater or your corridor enjoying fresh air, etc. You can enjoy your desired shows along with your workouts. The body of the Sunny SF-B1110S will come in a silver body and weighs around 5lb less than the SF-B1110S. Remaining all other specifications remain same.

Technical specifications:

  • Flexible and adjusting Handlebars
  • Standard Pedals with toe clip cages
  • Four-way adjustable Seat
  • Adjustable resistance knob and brake pad
  • 20 kg capacity Flywheel
  • Chain Drive
  • Detachable Wheels allowing easy shift
  • White or silver colored frame

Size of the product:Sunny-Health-Fitness-SF-B1110-Indoor-Cycling-Bike-Review

  • Width: 53 cm (20.5”)
  • Length: 118 cm (46.5″)
  • Height: 121 cm (47.5”)
  • Max user weight: 120 kg (265 lbs)
  • Item weight: 48 kg (106 lbs)


1 year for the frame and 90 days for accessories. This short warranty denotes the toughness and durability of the soin bike.

Delivery and Assembly:

You will be assured with a precise and safe pack of Sunny SF-B1110S Indoor Cycling Bike which also has the tools involved in assembling. It is very easy and simple to assemble following the provided manual that consumes just a half-an-hour.

Product Description:

The key features of Sunny SF-B1110S indoor cycling bike are the momentum driven flywheel having a chrome rim with the capacity of weighing 44 lbs thereby offering a hassle-free and smooth run of the equipment without causing discomfort for the users. The road bike experience can be felt by the chain drive mechanism of this product. A tough and resistant easy dial tension adjustment can be done and the brake assists you with challenging workouts. Brake pad provides resistance and comfort. The seat designed for this fitness cycle is ergonomic and is flexible. It can be adjusted in four ways – upward, downward, forward and backward depending on your height and your comfort for performing workouts. You can achieve closeness to the handlebar which makes you do cycling more comfortably. Easy transport by means of removable wheels and the steady weight capacity to around 120 kg made the model stable and successful providing the user a definite output upon doing workouts. The user can also stand and pedal experiencing an uphill cycling.Sunny-Health-Fitness-SF-B1110-Indoor-Cyclejpg

Most promising traits of Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1110S Indoor Cycling Bike:

  • Affordable price: the price denoted for the product is right and genuine. It is exclusively the best model that too for a reasonable price. You will be assured of the excellent quality of the product both in terms of product and working condition. It is a tough and durable bike where you can have workouts as per your wish.
  • Flexibility: the handlebars and the seat of this fitness cycle can be adjusted as per your desire and comfort. The pads can also be leveled accordingly where the floor unevenness can be covered.
  • Removable wheels: the Sunny SF-B1110S cycle will be supplied with the wheels for easy transport and shifting. These can be detached after their use. You can easily shift the fitness cycle to your indoors and outdoors.

Every accessory denotes its ideality and greatness:

  • Tough Seat: Many feedbacks from the customers showed certain discomfort in the seat of the fitness cycle. The uniqueness and difference of seat make of SF-B1110S make caused the difference from the seats of other spin bikes. However, the seat can be made comfortable by using a silicone or gel seat cover. Some users even replaced the seats with higher grade models.
  • Best for normal height persons: this fitness cycle suits the best for the users who are less than or equal to 6” in height. The taller users may face the problems at handlebars and pullouts.


Our Ratings
  • Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1110S Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Brief out on Sunny SF-B1110S Indoor Cycling Bike:

Great featured indoor cycle within a reasonable budget. The average height users can make the best use of this cycling bike model. You can definitely reach your goals regarding your calorie consumption and will achieve amazing and challenging workouts by using Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1110S Indoor Cycle.