The Healthful Effects of Tantric Yoga

The Healthful Effects of Tantric Yoga 

Tantra is associated with sex in popular culture, but the concept of tantra goes beyond that. It involves a kind of awakening which promises both couples and individuals spiritual as well as sexual ecstasy. We can say tantra is the process of integrating and weaving our dormant potential. 

Every chakra or energy center in the human body contains dormant intelligence, energy, and consciousness. Tantra teachings aim to harness and rouse unused, untapped energies. 

Some couples seek sex therapy to bring more passion and love into their intimate relationships, which is the traditional approach. Others are trying a novel idea – approaching and embracing Eastern teachings that claim to combine spirituality and sex in a way that harnesses and transforms sexual energy into physical ecstasy, liberation, and a path towards personal growth.

Spiritual Liberation 

Practitioners of tantra yoga explore sex as an activity in their quest for spiritual liberation. The practice targets purification and is widely applied to enlighten. Tantric appreciation of the human body and the five senses has transformed tantra into a huge phenomenon. Today, yoga practitioners the world over experiment with ways to carry the enormous energy of their awakened potential. 

In tantra, the body is perceived as a microcosm of the entire world, similar to meditation philosophy. More than 50% of all Tantric texts focus on the use of mantras, while less than 10% actually focus on sex. Proponents of traditional Indian tantra believe that one’s center of sexual energy, also known as the second chakra, is not opened in tantra. The use of tantra practices is more closely associated with the opening of the sixth and the fourth chakra (the intuition and the heart respectively). 

The Dangers Of Tantra

A risk facing those on a new path of tantra is being misled to believe they’ve having a “spiritual” experience when, in fact, they are merely experiencing accelerated life energy or prana. The goal is to control energy and establish pure intention. Confusing spiritual bliss with physical pleasure causes us to deprive ourselves of the ecstasy of union. This is why building a spiritual basis through meditation is crucial. 

No matter what the specific teachings of tantra are, one must be educated in the understanding that physical pleasure is just one of tantra’s many rewards. Tantra teaches people to tap into all of their senses so even a simple act like tasting fresh fruit becomes a divine experience. 

The Delights of Tantric Energy

Beyond the sexual pleasure we derive through tantric practice, tantric yoga is a forceful combination of meditation, asanas, and pranayama. This ancient practice can be used to attain mental clarity and focus, build strength, and connect sexually and spiritually to your partner. These, among others, are the secrets to bliss in everyday life.

By embodying and harnessing the forces of the female deity Shakti, who represents change and creativity, proponents of tantric yoga suggest people can move through their existence with much greater satisfaction. Tantric yoga and other tantric practices work on the subtle energies within the physical organism to improve physical health and well-being and enhance spiritual growth. The meaning of life and the connection to other people can be grasped in a new dimension by exploring these energies and the multifarious ways, in which they are connected to the universe.

All about Tantric Yoga

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut or your sex life has somehow become bland, tantric yoga is an effective way to infuse your routine with amorous thoughts and feelings. Tantric yoga is all about energies, proper breathing, and connections between the mind and body. Believe it or not, the practice of using yoga and tantra to get in touch with your sexual self goes many millennia back. We’re only now rediscovering it. 

Tantric Sex: What you Need to Know

Tantric sex is an ancient Indian practice dating back five millennia. In Hindu, the word “tantra” means ‘to enhance and weave energy.’ It is a form of slow sex that is known to enhance intimacy and create a connection between the mind and the body that can lead to very strong orgasms. There is always more than one reason if you experience sadness and frustration in a relationship, and sexual dissatisfaction is never the sole offender. People who are able to identify a problematic issue in their relationship embark on a quest to fulfill their sexual needs because they realize that sex has the potential to deepen their connection with one another. This is one of the goals of tantric yoga. Tantric yoga techniques are exceptional at facilitating intimacy. They aim to allow couples to reciprocate more fully in giving and receiving energy.

According to tantric philosophy, your energy rests at the bottom of your spine like a coiled snake. You experience what is referred to as “kundalini” awakening when this dormant energy flows upward through the seven energy centers (chakras) more freely. This results in a state of higher consciousness.  The secret to mastering tantra lies in the discovery that you and your partner or spouse don’t need to “learn” to do more or different things in bed. All you need to do is surrender and let yourselves be who you really are.

Ultimately, tantric yoga is a type of meditation. People learn to augment the mind’s ability to be completely quiet and receptive instead of its proneness to being overactive. Overthinking can cause great distress. The tantric techniques are most effective when you succeed in quieting your restless mind. 


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