The Total Gym FIT vs XLS: Which Model is Superior?

Gym memberships do not work out for most people because exercising in the gym is not a priority, or getting to the gym isn’t possible with their schedule. 

With the right equipment, it’s easy to work out at home. 

Regardless of any special needs, there is a vast expanse of home gym equipment that is easy to assemble and caters to all body types. 

Total Gym works to manufacture home gym units that use gravity to work. 

The models use various gravity resistance levels instead of external weights. 

They utilize one’s body weight to ensure that full-body workouts are possible. 

However, Total Gym has two popular types of gym equipment that are often compared to each other. Here are feature comparisons between the Total Gym FIT and Total Gym XLS.


Total Gym FIT vs. and Total Gym XLS functioning is similar and provides full-body workouts to its users. Depending on the goals, the intensities vary. However, there are some differences in how they function.

The total gym XLS allows up to 80 different exercises, while the total fit offers over 85 different types. The functionality works as ergonomic engineering is used on the gliding boat on the Total FIT. With the input, it operates fluidly in movements and is overall smother during workouts. The XLS, on the other hand, has a simple lock for transitioning levels while exercising, which is a simpler version of the FIT auto-lock adjustment, making transitioning exercises easier and smoother. For more information on this sub-topic, click here.


Looking at both total gym equipment, the difference in how they operate is clear. In the XLS, there are three accessories included making functioning better. The wing attachment, the leg pull-up attachments, and the ribbed squat stand.

The fit is different as it has four accessories: the leg pull-up attachment, the ribbed squat stand, an improved version of the XLS, and the wing attachment. The additional accessory is the AbCrunch. The AbCrunch makes the FIT popular as it targets the abs, and the addition alone is priced over $100 when bought separately. They both boast workout DVDs in their similarities, with FIT having 6 DVDs and the XLS having only 5.

Resistance level

Another feature that the Total Gym FIT and XLS offer are the numerous resistance levels. The FIT is superior in the resistance levels, offering up to 12 different levels. Its counterpart only has 6 levels. They both work by increasing or reducing the body weight, countering it using body weight as resistance. The higher the level, the more intense the workouts become. The FIT is superior as it’s easier to move levels without the burdening feeling of weight. The XLS has an almost 10% increase in resistance weight, and it’s easy to feel the added weight when moving levels FIT, which is at a 4.3% increment.

Weight capacity 

There is a slight difference in the maximum amount of weight both home gym equipment handle. The maximum capacity of the Fit is 450lbs which is 50 pounds more than the XLS, which stands at 400lbs. Although most people working with an XLS at home find it working perfectly, the FIT offers a little bit more stability when working out as the weight weighs down the machine to the ground, allowing gravity to take over.

Height capacity 

Height capacity is the only similarity both Total Gyms have. Working with a tall height of 6’5, most people can comfortably use it. Those taller than the recommended height will find it uncomfortable to use.


On the Total Gym official site, both machines have a lifetime guarantee for their users for their frame. However, depending on normal wear and tear, replacements warranty only covers a limited extend. Any parts bought to replace Total Gym Fit parts have a warrant for up to 2 years, and the XLS offers a limited amount of time of 6 months.


Looking at how both home gym pieces of equipment are manufactured and work, a price difference is expected. The Total Fit is $500 more than XLS. It’s easy to trace the amount back to the added resistance levels found in the FIT machine. The added AbCrunch also accounts for the addition in cost. With the additional workout DVD, workout programs, and fluidity when exercising, its superior features make it costlier. When a purchase is made through the official website, both models cost only $1 for a 30-day trial. However, the official price of the Total Gym XLS is $999, while the Total Gym FIT is $1,549.

Overall win 

The Total Gym Fit is the best overall version of the Total Gym home equipment. With the FIT an improved version of the XLS, its added features make it extremely popular for those seeking convenience and total body workouts. Six more added resistance levels offer fluidity for those working up to gain muscle without feeling overwhelmed. However, both have lifetime warranties on the base structure, a closer inspection of the two shows that FIT has a more robust base made with superior materials. There is also an improvement on the FIT as it has a modernized and better finish that makes it appealing to those seeking home equipment. Heavier individuals appreciate the mode’s maximum capacity of 450lbs as it’s also more stable. With other minor features such as ankle cuffs and ropes, users can easily incorporate the FIT to assist in Pilates classes.

The Total Gym XLS has proved itself in the test of time. It’s marketable to beginners and bodybuilders as it offers diversity. Since it’s already assembled upon delivery, it’s ideal for beginners.

The XLS & FIT are excellent home gym units and the perfect addition for any fitness enthusiast. Having been in the market for several years, they are both practical options. Still, with home gyms equipment offering flexibility, it’s convenient to meet fitness goals by adding additional exercise routines. When purchasing the Total Gym equipment, it’s vital to ensure it’s from a reputable source to guarantee it’s the best version straight from its manufacturing base.

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