Tips For Exercising During Your Period And How Menstrual Cup Makes It Easier

Are you on your goal to lose weight then suddenly it is your period? If you are, then there is nothing to worry about. No skipping of exercise anymore! You can still focus on your workout and diet plan even during your period. I know it is so difficult to move your body during this time, but do you know that it is more needed to exercise when you are having your menstruation? So I have tips for you on how you can maintain your workout routine during your period.

Know The Benefits Of  Exercising During Your Period

It will be easier if you know what you can get from exercising even on those days that you think you can’t – menstruation. Exercising can decrease PMS symptoms, increase the endorphins that you need to enhance your mood, you can gain more strength and power, and the most incredible benefit you can acquire is getting rid of dysmenorrhea. It is maybe so hard to believe that, but it is true, light walking can decrease the pain. These benefits are enough for you to stand up and exercise.

The Best Workout and Menstrual Cup For Your Period

Let us go ahead and know what are the best exercises you can do. Despite that you will move your body, do not forget that you only need to do light exercises, enough for your body to gain the energy you need.

Before you do any activity, make sure that you are ready. Wear clothes that you can breathe and move quickly. Use a menstrual product that is more comfortable to wear. It is highly recommended to wear a menstrual cup than pads because even you do a lot of moving you are not going to worry about leaks, and it is lightweight that allows you to move easily. There are different types of menstrual cup that you can use. To know more information about them you may visit Always bring your water with you to hydrate your body.

Light Cardio. Remember that during your period, you might feel weakness and discomfort, so just do light cardio such as walking, bicycling, and shorter bouts of aerobic exercise. It can help the blood circulation of your body plus it is the best exercise for your lungs.

Power Based Activities. During your menstruation, the potential for increased strength is low, so consider power based activities. These are exercises that involve a maximum amount of force like jumping with weights.

Yoga and Pilates. Three days before your menstruation you must engage yourself activities like yoga. It can help you to relax your body and reduce cramps, muscular fatigue, and breast tenderness. You can also do this even during menstruation.

High-Intensity Interval Training. During your menstruation, it is more effective to blast fat than any other time.

Stretching. To reduce cramping, stretching is the best exercise to do. Do it by extending your knees into your chest it can be done while standing or lying. It can help you to get rid of the menstrual back pain as well.

Swimming. If you are having painful cramps in your lower abdomen, then dip yourself in the pool. Swimming can get rid of the pain by circulating the blood flow in your body. However, if it is excruciating that leads you having hard to breath, then skip swimming and seek help to your doctor for more help.

Exercises That You Must Not Do On Your Period

Despite that it is recommended to exercise during menstruation, there are workouts that you should not do, or else you might collapse, and you don’t want that to happen. Any heavy workouts must be avoided and just cut back a little bit of your workout routine. Avoid high-intensity interval running, full group fitness classes, and fast-paced workouts that you need to use a lot of equipment. If you really want to do something that you used to that is fine as long as your body is capable of doing it. You can ask your gym instructor about it.


Most women may think that menstruation is a nightmare. But you have to wake up from that and face it! Your life must not stop just because of the possible weakness and pain you are expecting to feel during your period. It is the most important time to help your body fight against these pains. So do not skip exercising, continue your day to day activities just make sure that it is enough for your body to cope up.

Take all the relief medications you need just in case you can’t take the pain anymore and of course, let your body rest for enough time. Do everything you need to do in moderation. Eat food that can help you regain the energy that your body needs to have. Manage your menstruation well, and life must go on!

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