Top 5 Weight Lifting Techniques That every Beginner Should Know

Best weight Lifting tips for Newbies

Using the proper weight lifting techniques is not only essential for reaping the most benefits from your workouts but will also minimize your chances of sustaining a serious, potentially debilitating injury.

As such, we have put together a comprehensive list of weightlifting tips for our visitors, as we want you to exercise safely and effectively. This guide will be helpful for beginners and intermediates, as well as seasoned lifters…these are all basic, easy to follow techniques that will definitely help your workout routines.

Weight Lifting Techniques

1. First and foremost, always warm up before starting your workout. Try to do 5-10 minutes of cardio to get the blood flowing, and stretch all of your muscles, concentrating on those that will be incorporated in that day’s routine. For example, if you are doing chest, stretch your pectoral muscles, as well your back, shoulders, bis, and tris. This is one of the most important weightlifting tips.

2. Always start off with a weight you can easily handle at least 10-12 repetitions with, at least for the very first set for a particular muscle. Get your body ready to do the exercise, before moving up to higher weights. Keep in mind that if you start off heavy, you can tear a muscle very easily.

3. Another important weightlifting technique is wearing gloves or using grips to make sure the weights are secure in your hands. Losing your grip can be dangerous, and weights are often slippery with oils from other people’s hands. Also, if you are going to lift heavy, wear a belt to avoid back injuries and hernias. They might not look too cool, but they do offer protection…and what’s more important.

4. One of the weightlifting tips we always offer to our visitors is to have a spotter with you, especially for heavy movements. The reason for this is two-fold. One, they can help you get that extra one or two reps that could make a significant difference in your results. Two, and perhaps more importantly, a spotter can help you put a weight back if you are unable to complete a rep…we’ve seen many showoffs stuck with a barbell on their chest, yelling out in desperation. Don’t be this person, get a spot!

5. Along the same lines, don’t lift more weight than you are capable of, especially if there is no spotter on hand. You can seriously injure yourself, and it could end your lifting career. Unless you are competing, try to stick with weights you can do at least 5-6 reps with without killing yourself. You’ll get the same results as you would have to struggle to push out one rep.

Weight Lifting Tips

We will be constantly updating our weightlifting techniques page, and welcome your feedback as well. These basic guidelines will ensure that you have safe and effective workout routines.

Working out offers tremendous health benefits, and can contribute to a long, healthy life. Don’t get sidelined because you haven’t followed rudimentary weightlifting tips like the ones above.

Be smart and be careful when you work out…you’ll be glad you did!

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