Tried & Tested Ways To Boost Your Yoga Motivation

If you are a wellness enthusiast, you will probably know about the endless benefits of yoga. It strengthens your body, heals your mind, and balances your emotions. The best part is that you need not be a pro to ace most of the moves. But one thing that can keep you from sticking with your daily practice is a lack of motivation. It is hard to stick to the routine, no matter how dedicated you are in the beginning. You may procrastinate, find excuses, or give up due to sheer laziness. Experts have a few tried and tested ways to boost yoga motivation so that you can stick with the routine and unlock the health value of yoga.

Start with a goal in mind

Most yoga lovers lose their way in the middle of the road because they do not start with a goal in mind. Think about why you want to practice the therapy, whether for weight loss, flexibility, pain relief, or mental well-being. Even if you have no specific targets, consider it a step to move closer to a better life. Having a vision gives you a valid reason to roll out your mat every day.

Join workshops

Joining workshops take your motivation levels a notch higher as you meet like-minded people and get a refresh on the benefits of the practice. You may even pick a few new poses in these sessions. You can look for local workshops in your area on the internet and show up for them. Luckily, there are plenty of options online, so you can join one even without stepping out. 

Try cannabis for a motivation boost 

Everyone knows that cannabis is a great motivation booster for athletes and gym buffs. The quality makes it an ideal aid for yoga enthusiasts as well. You can stock up on low priced bud and try a session before starting your yoga practice. Pick a strain that lifts your energy levels and relieves stress. You may even feel your muscles relaxing and movements getting fluid after a session. 

Carry your mat in the car

You shouldn’t confine yoga sessions to the class or your home. Carry your mat in your car so that you can indulge anytime and anywhere. An outdoor session is a great idea as your lungs get fresh air while performing the moves. You can even take a break at work if you have an extra hour to spare after a meeting. Practice it even when traveling because you will feel happy and energetic.

Find a yoga buddy

Yoga motivation is just like exercise motivation as it can ebb and flow. You can keep it going by finding a yoga buddy to practice with you day in and day out. It keeps you regular with your sessions. Moreover, having someone around makes you more confident about trying new moves. You can find a buddy at your classes or ask your spouse or friend to join the practice.

Yoga makes you fit, healthy, and happy, but sticking with daily practice is more challenging than you imagine. Lack of motivation is a common culprit, but you can beat it with these simple ideas.

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