What is Spinning? & Things to know before a Spin Class – Detailed Guide

Spin Class & Spinning Workout

What Is A Spin Class?

If you are searching for best way to lose weight, then at some or other point, you might have heard of people doing spin Class and would have wondered what is spinning workout. Spinning classes mean classes put on or licensed by Mad Dogg Athletics, which is the company that launched the Spinning program. You can also obviously get a great workout at the comfort of your home by purchasing a spin bike, but few people feel that it is great and motivational to work out in a class environment where there is a sense of group inspiration and team effort. When you are by yourself, it could be little hard to really push yourself to work out as you are the only one present there to keep you accountable for exercises. But if you are in a class, then you will see the other participants, as well as the teacher, who constantly alerts you and provide you more drive. Just a one-hour-long spin class can approximately burn around 500 calories to 1000 calories based on the intensity of the instructor and the amount of energy that you push yourself. It mainly depends on a blend of fast-paced cycling and strategic lighter rest intervals to get you recovered for the next session. In general, most of the spinning classes last around 30 minutes to 40 minutes so that you will be burning about 500 calories to 600 calories per class. However, for most of the people joining in on a class almost looks torturous with an assertive class trainer shouting at people to go harder, and a group of people sweating buckets from every part of their body. But once you start exercising by joining the best spinning institute, you’ll surely never go back.

What Is Spinning?

Spinning, the famous word in exercising, is an effective and energetic way to burn unwanted calories. With spinning, you will climb, jump, stand, and sprint into fitness. As the demand for spinning in the fitness industry increased, a greater number of innovative designs and styles of indoor cycling taken place, making it a more challenging experience that helps reduce stress and shed pounds. The main motto of having this spinning bike is to simulate either a steep hill, a flat road, or whatever terrain or incline you to decide to travel on. The spin cycle is mainly designed to enhance strength, interval, or endurance training. As you navigate through the ride, your body positioning and hand placement on the bike vary. Just before deciding whether you are a spinster, it is better to try a few spinning classes! If you want a lower body activity that required powering through the legs while using the upper body only for balance, spinning has shifted gears, and it is the best exercise you can follow. However, some of the spinning bikes move and transform the entire body while simulating an outdoor ride. The low-impact nature of the spinning makes it the best exercise even for older adults or for people recovering from leg problems like orthopaedic injuries as by this bike; you can adjust the resistance and moderate the intensity and pace of your ride.

10 Things To Know Before Your First Spin Class


A Spinning class intructor

If you want to improve your riding skills, burn more calories and bring it to the next level, then it is best giving a spin class a try. A spin class is an intensity cycling workout on a stationary apparatus embedded with a weighted flywheel that is firmly fixed to the pedals. Comin what is a spin cycle – the spin cycle is a stationary bike that wants you to constantly move your legs and give pressure by moving slow or fast. Spinning is considered as a popular form of workout in most parts of the world at present. Spinning is also a great way of keeping your heart healthy and toning the legs.

There are plenty of things to look forward to in the spin class. Though it could be a little challenging at initial, there are a lot of things that you can look forward and here are ten things to know before your first class.

Be Open for Experiencing New Things

In class, you can find some things that you wouldn’t expect like tap backs and weights, but don’t worry, every detail will be explained to you clearly by a trainer so that you wouldn’t be clueless for the whole class. The class trainer will surely assist you, so just be open minded and have fun with the things, you might encounter in a class.

Be Aware of The Terminologies

“Flat road, gear up, resistance knob and stand” are few of the terms that would make you little confused and scratch your head during the whole class. However, don’t get panic they can also be explained by the instructor. The only thing you have to do is always to take note of these terms as you will be encountering these phrases more often in your class.

Expect to Shed Pounds

Spinning is a high intensity and powerful workout, so expect heavy sweat and heavy strain on your legs after a long straight class of minimum 1 hour. Spinners might not be able to notice how long they are participating in pedalling as some classes are really joyful accompanied with the right instructor and right music.

Look Out for The Exact Spin Class

Search around and don’t get hesitated to inquire to best spin classes around you. If you need a motivating and fun vibe, you can look for the one that focuses on good music while you are having the spinning training. And if you are particular for race intervals, then check out for a class that has a qualified trainer. Knowing about the experience and qualification of your trainer will provide you the assurance that your hard-earned money will not be wasted while having fun.

Always Be Early to Class

It is always best to be early to class to stimulate yourself and to avoid stress by being late. Being early to the spinning class would provide you enough time in checking the spinning bike that you will use and setting the handlebars or saddle that best suits you. This can even get you prepared for the training physically and emotionally.

Be Ready for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

DOMS is nothing but the soreness of muscle you feel after a difficult day’s work out when you use your muscles in a way that they are not used in such a way before. It is totally normal, so to calm your legs out from the soreness, plan an easy and smooth ride the next day. It would help you a lot to relax the muscle.

Adjust the Saddle

Though you are ready for your first spin class emotionally and mentally, the physical comfort matters the most in the class. So, you have to make sure that the bike saddles you are about to ride on feels very comfortable for you, your legs and mainly your hips. As you will use the lower part of your body, be sure that you feel comfortable while having the training. Exercising on the bike with the saddle that is not suitable for you will have a huge effect on your posture.

Don’t Clutch the Bike Handlebars Very Tightly

Sometimes, you can be carried away totally when having a hard interval and having your hands hold the pedals in a grip that is same as of falling off from a cliff. It can add extra tension to your leg muscles and in turn, would lead you to a position that is not proper and inappropriate. So always make sure to keep your body upright and to pay close concentration to it whenever possible.

Never Forget to Drink Water In Regular Intervals

Water builds up 2/3rd of your body. Water is a very important nutrient that keeps the body functioning. It is best to have water before you engage yourself in intense physical activity. As you are into class for a sweaty exercise in the spin class so be prepared and have a water bottle with you.

Finally, Enjoy!

You are in a spin class to not only shed pounds but also to gain new and best experiences and to have friends and acquaintances that have the same interests as yours. So, loosen up and be ready to jump start with weight loss plan with the music.

What Are The Benefits Of Spin Classes?

When it comes to spinning workout, there is an endless list of benefits available. By spinning, you can enjoy everything from improving your health to losing weight when you participate in a spin class. You can expect to burn anywhere between 400 and 800 calories in an hour-long spin class. Some of the participants add in weight-bearing elements, such as chest presses using small weights as you pedal. With a lot of benefits, it is no wonder why so many people participate in a class when you look at the number of calories you can burn.

In addition to burning the unwanted body, spinning can also help you in build muscle definition. Generally, spinning focuses on your lower part of the body that includes thighs, buttocks and core muscles. While pedalling, you work out your thighs and calves. However, you wish to build muscle definition in your upper body as well; then you can find a spinning class that incorporates cross-training elements.

Apart from all the above-mentioned benefits, one of the best benefits of spinning is that it can greatly improve your cardio endurance. If you find yourself feeling weaker after doing a quiet little task that requires less effort, it means you have low endurance. Spinning can help increase your endurance and strengthen your heart.

FAQs :

Is Spinning a good way to loose Weight ?

Yes 45 Minutes of Spinning can help you Burn 300-400 Calories depending upon your body weight. But on the other hand you shall Follow a strict caloric deficit diet plan with proper nutrition.


Can I Gain Weight while going to a regular spin class ?

Yes, your thigh muscles will get stronger and bigger so your muscle weight might increase. Also, It will increase your hunger so if you will eat higher calories than you are burning it will definitely increase your body weight.

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