Women At Home: Full Body Exercise To Include In Your Routine

Women At Home: Full Body Exercise To Include In Your Routine

Have you resolved at the beginning of a new year to start going to the gym and not end up doing it? If yes, don’t worry; there are millions of other people like you. Research strongly indicates that gym memberships rise dramatically in January and take a downhill path just the next month. The trend has been witnessed for a couple of decades now and may continue to be so. However, it does not have to be this way. With a little action, you can change the whole concept of how to go about maintaining a fitness routine.

Now you can also carry on with a full-body exercise routine right from the comfort of your home. Exercising can be even more enjoyable at home than at the gym. If you get to know by doing the things mentioned below, you can tone your body in a short period. You will impatiently follow them. Let’s see a few of them.

  1. Get the Right Combination Of Equipment At Your Home

A key reason why most people cannot have a workout routine from home is that they don’t have exercising machines. Moreover, storage limitations for equipment is another deterrent to exercising from home. Thereby, it is essential first to equip your home with the appropriate devices. In this regard, there are a lot of affordable options available in the market. While starting from the availability of dynamic online fitness programs to the availability of multi-functional machines, there are many choices.

Interestingly, you can have certified gym instructors who can provide you with instructions through an extensive collection of on-demand videos. Companies like Tonal, Mirror, and Peloton have raised millions of dollars as an investment in recent years. As a result, the trend of exercising from home has gained widespread popularity.

Furthermore, you can save on space by going for multi-functional machines like the exercise machines climber that presents itself as an innovative solution for a full-body workout. With this vertical climber, you can do a comprehensive exercise involving the upper body, core, and lower body. The best part is that it is a one in all solution. Thus, eliminating the need to bring in numerous machines that take much space. 

A pro-tip would be to download an app compatible with the machine climber to improve the overall experience. 

  1. Make The Most Of The Evergreen Exercise: Pushups

An exercise that does not rely on the use of any machine is pushups. Inculcating regular style pushups is one of the most acceptable ways to make your body stay fit and healthy. They engage your upper body into action and help build your core and lower body muscles.

An essential tip for people doing pushups is to look for new types of it after a while to keep on improving your resistance level. The experienced and professionals can jump onto one-legged pushups also. 

  1. Return To The Basics With Planks

Many of us can relate the first time we did a plank, and we must have found out deeply challenging. Moreover, doing planks at home means no one can see the agonizing look on your face. Additionally, planks help you solidify your core and improve your posture. You can do this all by allocating a few minutes for planks. Interestingly, there are a variety of plank options you can do to keep things interesting.

Some good options include:

  • Knee Plank
  • Reverse Plank
  • Rocking Plank
  1. Realize The Beauty Of Squats

Whether the intention is to develop muscle strength or reduce some calories from your body, doing squats is a sufficient answer. You stand up straight, bring your hips down, and then up again. A repetition of this process from your home regularly is bound to make you fit. 

You can do it without the use of any weights. However, you need to maintain a strictly straight posture throughout the exercise. Your toes must be slightly outward-facing, while your feet get positioned marginally wider than your hips.


Listen to your favorite music while working out at your preferred time. Do not get to wait for someone to vacate an exercising machine. These aspects make exercising from home a more desirable experience than at gyms while considering the cost savings advantage. 

Exercising from home has never looked more appealing than it does now in the COVID crisis. However, having a fitness routine from home is an idea that will have long-term connotations. One key reason for this is that it is a highly pragmatic solution for women. It is mainly due to the general disparity in the workload women face in the house compared to men (across the globe). Consequently, women often end up compromising on their workout routines. 

With the option to exercise from home, women have an equal platform to fit as anybody in the universe.

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