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Do You Want to join our Fitness Blogging network and become a Guest Author? We’re always looking for Bloggers & Fitness writers who take on health news, great workout videos, beautiful healthy dishes, Fitness equipment, Exercises, Weight Training, Supplements and everything in between. We are looking for writers who are really passionate and have important and valuable to Contribute to the Online community about Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and wellness.

What We Publish?

Workout Equipment: Content, Infographics, all from certified/Recommended/Professional personal trainers and accredited instructors from all realms. HIIT, Cardio, barre, treadmill, yoga, Spinning, dance, Aerobics, Pilates—we Prefer it all!

Nutrition & Healthy Eating: Recipe posts, or roundups of healthy dishes from RDs and the healthy blogosphere.

Submit Your Content

Do you know which workouts and exercises will help you improve your biceps strength, whether you’re a Female or a male like David Bloom?

Or are better well versed on rating Spin bikes like David B?

To conclude, any content that you feel Curates from a Brilliant idea to help inform us and the general curious readers of fitness gear and fitness routines are very much appreciated on this blog.

Additionally, there are a few features we’re looking out for in our articles.

Essential Guidelines to Follow :

  • Article Should be Unique and Professionally Written with No Grammatical errors and high Readability.
  • It Should Not Be posted anywhere else & Should Add value to User
  • It Should be at least 1000 Words.
  • Only 1 Do-Follow link is Allowed.
  • It Should be Strictly Related to Fitness & Health Industry (Gym, Workout, Training, Supplements, GYM Gear etc )

Contact us at :  fitnesseventz@gmail.com

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