Yoga for health: How does it facilitate different treatments?

Yoga is not mere physical poses, but it helps in the holistic development of a person. It includes a range of disciplinary activities like prayer, chanting, and selfless actions. People who practice yoga regularly have better control over their body, spirit, and mind. 

As old as 5000 years, people first attempted yoga in the Indus-Saraswati civilization. Experts believe that yoga acts as an integral part of the healing process for people who have chronic conditions. It is also beneficial to individuals recovering from any injury or illness. The illness can range from cancer to hair transplant and mental stress to acne problems. This article mentions information on how yoga helps in hastening some common treatments. 

Hair loss

Many people suffer from hair loss due to genetics, diets, chronic health issues, etc. But, it is common for men to lose hair after a certain age. They generally lose hair from their temple and back of the head. They tend to undergo treatments for hair regrowth to regain their confidence and enhance their looks. Patients who got hair transplants by Dr. Jacono shared that he recommended a balanced diet and exercise will help in boosting hair growth after the treatment. Some yoga poses that help in regrowing hair are:

  • Kapalbhati, 
  • Sarvangasana, 
  • Balasana, etc.

These asanas combat stress and digestive issues and improve blood circulation. 


According to an American Psychological Association report, more than 84% of Americans are under prolonged stress. Yoga asanas help you build strong integrity between your mind and body. You can control your breathing which helps in calming your mind. Besides, yoga promotes holistic development, so you can add meditation and chanting to your routine to manage stress.


High levels of stress and cortisol have a direct impact on both; male and female fertility. When you practice regular yoga, it combats these two factors to promote hormonal balance. Many studies suggest that women with high-stress biomarkers in their saliva are less likely to get pregnant. 

Constant chronic stress in males can impact the quality of sperm count and quality. Thus, fertility centers also offer fertility yoga to couples trying to get pregnant. If you follow a regular yoga routine, it will also help in: 

  • reducing the risk of miscarriages, 
  • gestational diabetes, and other pregnancy-related complications. 


High-stress levels and increased compounds in the blood can cause inflammation in your body. Practicing regular yoga can help relieve stress which can have harmful effects on human beings at both; physical and psychological levels. Incorporating meditation, deep breathing, chanting, and other yoga poses can help you improve blood flow and reduce stress levels. It will reduce inflammation in your body. You can try the following yoga asanas to reduce inflammation: 

  • Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breath)
  • Balasana (child pose)
  • Supt matsyendrasana (Supine Twist)
  • Ardha matsyendrasana 

Wrapping up 

Yoga is like a ray of hope for people who suffer from long-term illness or recover from chronic diseases. The advancement in technology allows us to fight signs of aging, regrow our hair, strengthen our bones, etc. However, using this age-old technique helps people heal better and increases the impact of treatment.

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